Saturday, May 20, 2017

Are our children been made to grow up too quick?

My son is 5, soon to be 6 years old, yesterday we received a letter about introducing "sex education" into his lessons in school.

Now I totally understand people's different views on this but my own views and opinions on this are that he is too young....far too young. There I said it... Why does my little boy who doesn't even know how to spell the word penis need to know all about how it works!?

He uses it to pee. Surely that's all he needs to know right now??

I read through the letter and it went on to say the different modules he will be studying, then I nearly choked on my crumpet when I read number 6.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

10 for 10 Blogger award: Alittle bit naughty, all interesting.

I have been nominated for the 10 out of 10 blogger award by Askyerfather you can read his 10 for 10 post here.

They call it 10 out of 10 because you ask 10 people to name 10 celebrities/famous people that they would like to get Jiggy with or invite to dinner.

The rules

There always has to be some rules.
1 – Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their post.
2 – Copy and paste the rules into your post.
3 – List 5 famous people who are in your exemption list and explain why (an exemption list is a list of famous people you could do naughty things with and be exempt from punishment by your significant other). For anyone who is currently not in possession of a significant other, please just list 5 famous people you would love to
4 – List 5 people you would invite to a dinner party and explain why. These must consist of 2 famous people who are alive, 2 famous people who are deceased and one famous fictional character.
5 – Nominate 10  bloggers  to play along.

Sunday, May 7, 2017


Flamborough Head.

This place is like my second home its were I feel calm and stress free. I often really yurn for a holiday with sun, sea and sand but a cheeky 3 night break to Flamborough soon makes it all better again! On a sunny day this place reminds me of Greece! Blue waters and white chalk cliffs, the sound of seagulls and the sea is so calming. My family have been taking holidays every year at the caravan park half a mile up from the beach for 60+ years. My children love the campsite and our little days out to the beach, playing in the caves and searching for crabs in the rock pools.

Thanks for reading.



How i rid myself of stress and anxiety.

I have two children aged 5 and 20 months and I love them with every inch of me and believe me that's a lot! Just some days are HARD!! Really hard.

Some days I go to the toilet just to see if you can get 5 minutes of peace or I'll go round to my mum's house just so they can be distracted from "me" for a while. At the end of most days, I am exhausted, I have had some pretty full on jobs, sometimes working 14 hour days with a ten-minute break in between but I have never been as tired as I am been a stay at home mum! but before I can even think about going to bed all stressed and worn out and often guilty from the usual
"mum guilt"  I need to calm myself down.

Monday, May 1, 2017

My boys first blog.

We had a day out on Saturday, and my little boy Joseph had my camera and was snapping away, he was really enjoying it. Whilst I was uploading his images to our laptop I asked him if he'd like to write a little post about our day out and the photos he had taken, he loved the idea so we sat down and I listened and typed whilst his little brain went to work....

Here is my 5 year old boys first post. (he has asked if we can send it to Chase from "chases corner" and Zac, from "HAKZ"  his favourite you tubers!)

Monday, April 17, 2017

I have been on a break!

First off ill apologise for the grammar in this post, I am dyslexic and my Grammarly account has decided to close down on me!!

Well if your one of the three people that read my blog then you will know I haven't been blogging, for the whole of March and most of April too! It has been a pretty shitty time for me, My hormones have been all over the fucking place and I have been so so SO emotional.

I have felt useless, not knowing what I was doing, or even who I was? Been a stay at home mum is hard and it is a lonely fucking place, Some weeks it seems like it's the same stuff just a different day, and there is only so many times I can hear my son saying he hates me before it starts ringing true in my over emotional, PMT raged head!!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sorry, did my son shit in your purse?

**warning today has been the hardest day in parenting yet, so if you're easily offended from swearing please don't read any further**

Parenting is not easy! In fact its one of the hardest fucking things I have ever experienced!

Today my 5-year-old had a huge tantrum in a supermarket, and of course, it was over something really trivial! His zip on his jacket was annoying him! Yes, you read that right, but if you too are a parent then that reason won't shock you, you will probably be nodding your head thinking "I hear ya girl, my little one can be an arsehole over nothing too!"

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Never ending laundry basket!!

Is it just me or does anyone else have a never fucking ending laundry/washing basket!!?

Seriously how many outfits does a family of four go through!!? This is the exact reason I salute those women that do the school run in their pyjama bottoms, just your pj's to wash? They are looked down on for been lazy but hey they sound like geniuses to me!!

My nerve root block procedure.

I am in pain every day!

I have always suffered from back pain, but since been pregnant in 2011 it got progressively worse. So I went for an MRI.

The result was that I have disc disease which causes the discs in my back to erode and wear away. I have very little disc left in my l4, 5 and 6, and I also have a herniated disc which is crushing a nerve, causing me to have pain 24/7 shooting down my legs and into my foot! So my doc referred me to have a few injections into my spine to see if they could ease the pain for me! The injections I was due to have was nerve root blocks and nerve branch blocks/steroid injections 3 in each side of my spine.

So this week the big day came and I was so fucking nervous!! like.. really nervous! We got to the hospital at 12.15, my appointment was 1 pm, we were the first ones there and I was checked in and given my wristband, I thought this would mean I was going to be first in with me been all ready to go! Next person came at 12.45 then before we knew it, it was 1 pm and there were 9 of us sat waiting.

2.10pm came and all 9 of us was still sat waiting but we had all now been checked in.

2.20pm and the doctor came for the first person, it wasn't me! My palms were sweaty and I was jabbering on, talking absolute shit because I just couldn't calm myself down.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

This week we have had Chicken pox!

This week our little boy has had chicken pox, it was spreading around his school like wildfire and last week there were 18 children off in his class alone! It was only a matter of time before he would come down with it but shit, I didn't realise how bad it would be!

People tell you about all their experiences but nothing prepared me for this week and seeing him in the pain he was in!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This Disney depression is too much!!

If you know me then you will know I am Disney obsessed, I think I should actually be diagnosed!!

Here we are in 2015 when we took our son on his first Disneyworld trip.

I have been six times now, My first trip abroad was to Disneyworld in 2002 To visit my brother who worked in the "Rose and Crown" pub in Epcot. I introduced the hubby to this magical place in 2008 and we ended up getting married over there in 2010!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Your son is obese!

My attitude towards my son's school has reached a whole new level this year!

I received a phone call to tell me that my 5-year-old son was classed as "obese" in his weight check that they had done. It doesn't stop there, she proceeded to ask me if I wanted "help" at home with his eating habits!!!!

I'm not quite sure what she was expecting me to say but I don't think she was ready for my response!!

My boy is five years old, FIVE!! he has been weighed and made to feel like there is a problem with his little, innocent body. Why is weighing children even needed in schools? Is this not what our health visitors and g.p's are for?? We worry about eating disorders and bullying all through image, and they're going into schools and labelling 5-year-olds as obese!!

Now my boy is so tall, not tubby...tall. He was born weighing 8lb 5 so not overly big, but bigger than average, now his dad is 6ft 3, his mama (me) is 5ft 10 so were not the smallest of people. His first ever pair of shoes was a size 7 and he was 11 months old! He is now 5 years old and in a size 1.5!

The results of this joke of a weight check were that he is 4ft 5, 4stone and a 22" waist, He is so slim that his trousers fall down if he doesn't wear a belt, yet I have a nurse on the phone telling me that my son is obese!?

I cannot begin to tell you how angry I am about this, Labelling a 5-year-old is just Ludacris, we send our son to school to be educated not to be weighed and labelled!

Has anyone else encountered this?

Rhyming with Wine
Back With A Bump


The Pramshed


Monday, February 6, 2017

Guest Post - How a woman changes after giving birth

So I have been thinking over the last few days how much I have changed as a person!

I heard a conversation on the bus between two ladies, "You should know him inside out, but you sound like you don't truly know him at all" it got me thinking, do we really know anyone inside out? whether you have been together 2 months or married for 65 years, how can we truly know a person when we change all the time? Things will happen in life and they change you, Death, childbirth, illness, money! So it got me thinking about myself and wondering how I have changed as a person in the last 6 years since having our children. Surely I can't be the same woman as I was 6 years ago? When I heard children screaming and crying in the supermarket I used to tut and think what the hell!...Now I salute the mama and give her that look of understanding! I know I'm not the same person I was when me and the hubby met 11 years ago and neither is he, So I asked him to write me a post about how he thinks women change when having children.

Here it is.

Hi, I'm Rich and I blog over at One Hull of a Dad. I have been asked to write this post by my wife Kerry. 

Kerry wanted me to write a post on how women change after having a baby. This post could either go really well or get me divorced. I won't let on which one I'm hoping for.

There is no doubt that pregnancy changes a woman's body in a massive way, literally. I believe there are two fun parts to a pregnancy, the before your pregnant part and once the baby is here part, although that is 10% fun and 90% tiring. I would think that most women would agree that their body has never been the same since having a child. Some may be small reasons why it isn't the same and some may be quite big reasons. It's now time to hear my thoughts on how women change after having a baby

Here goes...

1. A woman's feelings of love change dramatically, they no longer love chocolate the most.

2.  A woman's psychic ability gets raised up to another level, it's no longer, I bet he's eating all those biscuits while I'm in the bath. It is now, uh oh we have a code brown incoming, get the wipes ready!!

3. Women who once hated the sight of sick or even mentioning sick can now manage to clean it up all the while doing 23 other tasks.

4. Women, despite never having a child before instantly know what to do whilst us men go back to our roots and shit ourselves in a corner.

5. Women who once would stay in bed all day when they came down with a virus or other such illness, will now power through it and still manage not to starve or lose the children, not sure I could be trusted with either when I am ill. 

That's my 5 thoughts on how a woman changes after having a baby. I have so much admiration for any mum out there. 

A note to my wife,

You have given me the miracle of children, not once but twice (that's it though, you can stop with the miracles now). As a man, I can never repay that gift that you have given me, and seeing the pain you went through I'm not sure I'd even want to. I can't believe how you changed your body, your lifestyle, everything so that we could have our two beautiful children. The way you deal with them both when I'm at work is amazing, you get Joseph fed, dressed and on to school in time while keeping Alice entertained so she doesn't go off and lick a plug socket. Thank you so much for everything you do for us all. 

Thak you to all mums out there, you do far more than your probably given credit for.

Thanks for reading