Monday, July 24, 2017

To snip or not to snip.

This week the Hubs went to the doctors about having "the snip" aka vasectomy.

I had a pretty horrific birth with my first child and suffered horrendous hyperemesis Gravidarum with my second pregnancy. I was sick anywhere from 10-20 times a day...everyday....Eurgh. I hated everything about my second pregnancy and at times I just couldn't see how I was going to get through it! My boy needed his mummy but I was either asleep on the sofa or I was in the bathroom with my head down the loo!

Whilst still pregnant I said I wasn't doing it all again and that it would definitely be my last pregnancy. "Its just morning sickness" said some people. Its not and I have never had the urge to punch so many people in the face!

So after both agreeing that we didn't want anymore children I asked my consultant if they could sterilize me whilst I was having a section, (well after it obviously) I would be there on the table and it would all be on show to them so what better time?

"I'm afraid we cant do that as your not in the right frame of mind" said the consultant!

That's right Mr consultant you don't know me from the mole on my arse and if you looked at my notes you would understand why I don't want another pregnancy!!  I cant give birth naturally again,  I needed emergency surgery after my first do I put this.. to build me a new fucking vagina and the second pregnancy I couldn't stand up or lift my head without throwing up for the full 9 months...

But apparently I wasn't in the right state of mind so they refused me a hysterectomy.

So it was time for the Hubby to take one for the team... "I will go in my holidays when I'm off work" he said...2 years later and he still hasn't been, So last week I made him an appointment.

Knowing the reaction I had from the Consultant I told the Hubs to be ready to explain why he wants it and not to be shoved out of the door with a "I'm sorry we cant"

He came home 10 minutes after his appointment...."appointment is coming in the post"

No "are you ready? are you sure? are you in the right state of mind?" nada

"have you talked it through with your wife" was the doctors only question!!

As soon as the Hubby said it was all happening I felt a pang of emotion! why? why was I questioning not been able to have children again when I really DONT want anymore?

I sat and thought about it all and after friends said to me

"you cant be sure you don't want anymore if your feeling like it could be a mistake"

Shit what is it with people and their opinions about YOUR thoughts and feelings!!

I'm not quite sure how many times I can say I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER CHILD before people actually get it!

I go to the doc and tell him I don't want another baby and apparently I'm not in the right frame of mind, yet the hubby can walk in and its just a "have you talked it through with the wife" Simple.

The woman that grows the baby, has her emotions and body change, goes through hell and has to push it out has the hard time getting people to understand she doesn't want anymore children, yet the guy who has a great time in bed and then waits for the big day gets a hand shake and an appointment!!?

Back to the wave of emotion and how I'm feeling about Hubbys "snip" Now I'm not sure if its me and my emotions or just a thing us women feel but for the chance of having a child to be taken away does feel odd. Even though I don't want anymore and I have two beautiful children, to finally say that's it we CANT have anymore is a little hard to get used to I guess.

That's it...I will not have the chance for anymore children, I wont ever have that "Newborn" stage again. Alice is been potty trained so we wont have nappies around the house or bottles to sterilize. No more baby grows or jars of baby food. The first crawl, steps. Its hard to face up to the fact that my babies are growing up there not "babies" anymore and that I wont have a "baby" again. Which is fine as I don't want to do that all again but as a woman I think its natural for part of us to always "crave that"

My Hubby is also blogging his journey, you can read his first post here
Have you or your husband been sterilized?

What was your feelings?

Thanks for reading

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Friday, July 21, 2017

#childseyeview linky 5


Josephs snap chat photos.

Joseph finished school today for the summer holidays, year one has flown by so quick and my little boy is growing up every day!! 
He was meant to write this post for our Linky but he has fallen to sleep so I thought I would share them with you all. Joseph loves having a little play around with snap chat and these are the amazing, funny snaps he caught! I love the way I can hear him giggling when he's doing them! 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

5 places to visit in Yorkshire over the summer holidays

School break up for us in Hull is in two weeks time and I'm busy preparing teachers end of term gifts and planning things to do to keep the kids from strangling each other for the full 6 weeks!

We love days out to the coast or a little picnic in the woods and it keeps us busy as my kiddies get bored very easily!

Friday, July 7, 2017

My family. #childseyeview

Last weekend we visited Sewerby Hall and gardens it really is a beautiful place!

Joseph loved the flower gardens and asked if he could take a picture of me, his daddy and Alice under a lovely flower arch (he really has the eye for a good back drop!)

Here it is,

He said he tried really hard to get the Floral arch in and got a little upset that he didn't! Look at the photograph its amazing and he was upset because he couldn't make something else fit in to it! more is less kid!

He is a very sensitive sole!



#childseyeview 4

Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks linky. Please add the badge to your site and read the rules below :-)

Saturday, July 1, 2017

#childseyeview linky 3

Hey guys welcome to the 3rd #childseyeview linky! Last week I had to cancel the link up as I was so busy and the children was a handful to say the least, sorry we wasn't around but we are back and rocking it this week!

My favourite blog post from the last #childseyeview was ask yer fathers you can check that post out here. It was taken by his 3 year old....3!!

Go ahead guys, link up your children's pictures and give them a share on the old twitter accounts, Please share other peoples too, its good to share the love in this linky.



Host: At the seaside with mammy & daddy.

This weekend we visited Thornwick bay, a little beach called North landing it truly Is breath taking and one of my favourite places to visit! We gave Joseph the camera and off he went snapping away!

I have written his post this week as he has a little cold and is tucked up in bed.

Here are the best of his pictures. I love to see how he see's the scenery and clicks that button when he see's something that's taken his fancy!

Clearly this one was something he couldn't walk past!! boys!

Who doesn't like a picture of a pile of lobster pots!??

I'm putting it out there now that this kid is a ruddy genius!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to link up your children's pictures over at #childseyelinky


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Its all in the hug!

This weeks #myweeklyhug is one of my favourite photos I have EVER taken and when I look back at it, it fills my heart with love and I could burst with happiness!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My weekly hug

This is my little girl with her favourite teddy barney. It was a dinosaur from a programme I used to love as a kid (many moons ago!) It isn't on now so for her to really love him is super cute!! She lays in her pram and hugs him so, so tight and my heart melts a little! I want her to stay this small and innocent forever please!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

My mummy, daddy and Alice.

Josephs chosen picture this week is a photo he took when we went to the Bridge park, we love it here as it is such a nice walk on a lovely day. I'll hand you over to the main man himself.

#childseyeview linky 2

Childseyeview linky 2!

Welcome back to the second instalment of #childseyeview! Thanks to everyone that linked up last week, I loved looking through all the lovely photographs your children had taken! My favourite though was Bella's, Daddy poppins daughter! She looked so sweet and oo my them big blue eyes!! she is a little cutie! See her post here.

Here we are onto the second week, so lets crack on :)


My Favourite movies.

I love a good movie! There is nothing better then getting the kids in bed, relaxing in a bath and then getting the sugary shit out of the cupboard and settling down for a movie!

I love watching them in the bed but if you didn't know I'm married to the 6ft 4 version of "grumpy" so we have to watch them uncomfortably on the sofa!