Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My weekly hug

This is my little girl with her favourite teddy barney. It was a dinosaur from a programme I used to love as a kid (many moons ago!) It isn't on now so for her to really love him is super cute!! She lays in her pram and hugs him so, so tight and my heart melts a little! I want her to stay this small and innocent forever please!

After this month and all the bad news from around the world, moments like this are extra special and I want to hug my children harder and longer!


Mummy of 5 Miracles

Saturday, June 17, 2017

My mummy, daddy and Alice.

Josephs chosen picture this week is a photo he took when we went to the Bridge park, we love it here as it is such a nice walk on a lovely day. I'll hand you over to the main man himself.

We went to the Humber bridge park and we walked through the woods and I played stick fighting with my Daddy, it was loads and loads of fun. I think I won the stick fight.

This is a picture I took of my mummy, daddy and Aggis. I also took a picture of a snail and a lighthouse then we played in the park for a little bit. It was lots of fun!

Joseph. (5)

Thank for reading guys. #childseyeview

#childseyeview linky 2

Childseyeview linky 2!

Welcome back to the second instalment of #childseyeview! Thanks to everyone that linked up last week, I loved looking through all the lovely photographs your children had taken! My favourite though was Bella's, Daddy poppins daughter! She looked so sweet and oo my them big blue eyes!! she is a little cutie! See her post here.

Here we are onto the second week, so lets crack on :)


My Favourite movies.

I love a good movie! There is nothing better then getting the kids in bed, relaxing in a bath and then getting the sugary shit out of the cupboard and settling down for a movie!

I love watching them in the bed but if you didn't know I'm married to the 6ft 4 version of "grumpy" so we have to watch them uncomfortably on the sofa!

Now I'm a little strange when it comes to "taste" as I really don't have one! I love all the Die hard, marvel movies, Jurassic world!! LOVE IT, but then I also love the Disney classics like Cinderella, Little mermaid and Beauty and the beast! My all time favourite movie is Dirty dancing!! yes its one of those films that actually makes me giddy to sit down and watch! As I mentioned before the 6ft 4 "grumpy" refuses to watch it with me, which I think makes him a massive A-hole but hey that's another post for another time....maybe one that needs parental permission on it! He's dragged me to cinema to sit through Steve Seagal movies!! yes you heard that right STEVEN SEAGAL!!?? Haven't you got to be an actor to be in a movie?? obviously not!!

So less of the babbling more of the movies.

Here is my top 10 favourite movies.

10- The colour purple.
9- Cinderella
8- Diehard (its got to be the first one!)
7- Little mermaid (yes I'm really a 6 yr old Disney princess, hiding in a 31 yr olds knackered body! ) 
6- Jurassic World.
5- Iron man.
4- Schindler's list
3- Beauty & the beast
2- Shawshank Redemption

So there you have I my top 10 movies and I think "grumpy" has sat with me through 3 of them! Can you guess which 3??

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

nannas hugs are the best.

This is a picture of my mum and daughter, my mum is amazing and the kiddies think the world of her. Alice loves a hug and a kiss from Nanna and she has at least one a day!! #myweeklyhug

I never had grandparents but when I see the bond between my children and theirs my heart bursts!

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Host: My sister.

Last week we visited the park at the Humber Bridge nature reserve, It really is a stunning place. Joseph wanted the camera so we let him run around with it for a while (not actually run, that could have been disastrous) He snapped away and captured some lovely moments! He really makes us proud with his photography skills, he always seems to get the framing etc right! This is the photo he picked for his "childs eye view" entry. I'll now hand you over to him.

This is  my baby sister Aggis.

I took this photo at the Humber bridge park.

Alice was sat on a log and looked really, really cute!

Joseph, Aged 5,


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Childseyeview Linky


Dear husband, i hate my pmt too!

Dear husband,

The time of the month has come around again and I'm left feeling like I have a massive storm cloud on my shoulder and its forecast a heavy lightening storm!

Now I know you think I'm "moody" and I just need to snap out of it, but I really can't. The emotions are real and the feeling is awful, I feel trapped on an emotional rollercoaster that I just want to get off of. One minute I'm loving life and I'm raring to go...Next, my life sucks and the house is a shit hole and I can't cope with what is in it! Don't take this personally because it's not you, it's me.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Why i think pop videos need to be watershed!

Wow.....just wow. I have just witnessed a very scary, crazy, unbelievable sight!

A girl band whose main audience are young children aged (8-12) dressed in outfits that prostitutes would be ashamed to wear, gyrating against their male dancers!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Josephs review of Beech's teddy chocolates.

The postman brought us a parcel today and it was a big box.

My mummy opened the box and there was loads of chocolate in it! Me and Alice had some chocolate teddy bear ones to try. This is my picture of the teddy bear chocolates.

My yummy Beech's chocolate review.

My name is Kerry and I am a chocoholic...There I said it! wow, that was hard.

I really am, I can't get enough and I binge, as soon as the hubby and everyone is in bed I'm raiding the cupboards for any chocolate that survived the raid the night before!

When Beech's got in touch asking us to write a review of their new chocolates it was a "hell yeah" from me, would I taste free chocolate and write about it?? YES!!

Day out to Humber Bridge country park in pictures.

If the blog name didn't give it away me and my little family live in Hull, Yorkshire. I love it here as we are pretty close to some beautiful places, 14 miles to the East coast or a 40 minute drive to the Yorkshire Dales! Yesterday we visited the local nature reserve up at the Humber bridge. To the locals its known as "Little Swiss"

Here are some pictures of this beautiful, peaceful area, that is just a 15 minute drive up the road.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Why we are going thrifty this month.

Since been a teenager earning my own money, I have always been rubbish at really, really rubbish! As soon as I have money I feel the need to spend it! Since the kiddies have come along money doesn't seem to get us as far as it used to, 2 extra mouths need feeding their bodies to clothe and don't get me started on toys/magazine spends when we do our weekly shop!