I have been on a break!

First off ill apologise for the grammar in this post, I am dyslexic and my Grammarly account has decided to close down on me!!

Well if your one of the three people that read my blog then you will know I haven't been blogging, for the whole of March and most of April too! It has been a pretty shitty time for me, My hormones have been all over the fucking place and I have been so so SO emotional.

I have felt useless, not knowing what I was doing, or even who I was? Been a stay at home mum is hard and it is a lonely fucking place, Some weeks it seems like it's the same stuff just a different day, and there is only so many times I can hear my son saying he hates me before it starts ringing true in my over emotional, PMT raged head!!

So one night it all came to a head and I sat and cried for what seemed like hours, the type of tears that send you to sleep! I sat and thought about my day to day life and it made me sad, I spend far too much time on social media. My little boy was sa…

Sorry, did my son shit in your purse?

**warning today has been the hardest day in parenting yet, so if you're easily offended from swearing please don't read any further**

Parenting is not easy! In fact its one of the hardest fucking things I have ever experienced!

Today my 5-year-old had a huge tantrum in a supermarket, and of course, it was over something really trivial! His zip on his jacket was annoying him! Yes, you read that right, but if you too are a parent then that reason won't shock you, you will probably be nodding your head thinking "I hear ya girl, my little one can be an arsehole over nothing too!"

Now today was no ordinary tantrum! He decided to up the notch and went totally batshit crazy!! He threw himself on the floor, trying to pull me down with him, digging his nails into my arm clawing away, and then proceeded to get right up close in my face and growl at me! Yes, fucking GROWL! I am pretty certain after today that he is actually feral!!

Now the tantrums don't bother me as I …

Never ending laundry basket!!

Is it just me or does anyone else have a never fucking ending laundry/washing basket!!?

Seriously how many outfits does a family of four go through!!? This is the exact reason I salute those women that do the school run in their pyjama bottoms, just your pj's to wash? They are looked down on for been lazy but hey they sound like geniuses to me!!

I literally have such a sad life that when my washing basket is empty I do a little victory dance!! Even if it is just for 3 hours until the children and hubby get ready for bed and then it's full again for the next day. Well, I say the washing basket is full but it's not, it's all over the bloody floor as they can't seem to see the massive big washing bag that stands in the corner of the goddam room!!

Then of course, once it's washed it needs drying and ironing!! Ironing is the source of all fucking evil!! No wonder little mo decided to bump poor old Trevor around the head with one in EastEnders years ago!!  I'm s…

My nerve root block procedure.

I am in pain every day!

I have always suffered from back pain, but since been pregnant in 2011 it got progressively worse. So I went for an MRI.

The result was that I have disc disease which causes the discs in my back to erode and wear away. I have very little disc left in my l4, 5 and 6, and I also have a herniated disc which is crushing a nerve, causing me to have pain 24/7 shooting down my legs and into my foot! So my doc referred me to have a few injections into my spine to see if they could ease the pain for me! The injections I was due to have was nerve root blocks and nerve branch blocks/steroid injections 3 in each side of my spine.

So this week the big day came and I was so fucking nervous!! like.. really nervous! We got to the hospital at 12.15, my appointment was 1 pm, we were the first ones there and I was checked in and given my wristband, I thought this would mean I was going to be first in with me been all ready to go! Next person came at 12.45 then before we knew i…

This week we have had Chicken pox!

This week our little boy has had chicken pox, it was spreading around his school like wildfire and last week there were 18 children off in his class alone! It was only a matter of time before he would come down with it but shit, I didn't realise how bad it would be!

People tell you about all their experiences but nothing prepared me for this week and seeing him in the pain he was in!

So I thought I would write a post on Chicken pox and the things I wished someone would have told me!


Now, I have heard people say they have had children covered from top-to-toe but I have never heard people say how they can also spread internally! As well as his full body, Joseph had them all on his tonsils, his mouth, lips and the whites of his eyes, hell  they was even in his ear canal!!

Camomile lotion is shit!

Now this thing seems to be like a "god" when it comes down to Chicken pox, My opinion is that it was shit!! I had his full body covered in it and he was still …

This Disney depression is too much!!

If you know me then you will know I am Disney obsessed, I think I should actually be diagnosed!!

Here we are in 2015 when we took our son on his first Disneyworld trip.

I have been six times now, My first trip abroad was to Disneyworld in 2002 To visit my brother who worked in the "Rose and Crown" pub in Epcot. I introduced the hubby to this magical place in 2008 and we ended up getting married over there in 2010!

We decided to make the wedding Trip extra special by doing The Disney cruise again!! Trust me if you ever visit Orlando make sure you plan a couple of days out of the parks and do the cruise, it is AMAZING!!

Since 2002 I have been going every two years, But since having our first child Joseph in 2010 we have only been once and that was Josephs first trip in 2014. Then came Alice in 2015!

The reason we have left it so long now is because of the ages of our kiddies, I know lots of people love taking "babies/toddlers" but it wasn't a great experience fo…

Your son is obese!

My attitude towards my son's school has reached a whole new level this year!

I received a phone call to tell me that my 5-year-old son was classed as "obese" in his weight check that they had done. It doesn't stop there, she proceeded to ask me if I wanted "help" at home with his eating habits!!!!

I'm not quite sure what she was expecting me to say but I don't think she was ready for my response!!

My boy is five years old, FIVE!! he has been weighed and made to feel like there is a problem with his little, innocent body. Why is weighing children even needed in schools? Is this not what our health visitors and g.p's are for?? We worry about eating disorders and bullying all through image, and they're going into schools and labelling 5-year-olds as obese!!

Now my boy is so tall, not tubby...tall. He was born weighing 8lb 5 so not overly big, but bigger than average, now his dad is 6ft 3, his mama (me) is 5ft 10 so were not the smallest of peo…