A little bit about me...

Hi guys,
I'm a 31 stay at home mum to our two terror bags. I have a little boy Joseph who is 6 and our littlest feral girl Alice who is 2 going on 13! They really are the most beautiful, amazing children but they also reduce me to tears at least twice a week!! Parenting is tough!

Me and my husband have being married for 7 years, he works hard so that I can sit at home and watch Jeremy Kyle and catch up on my soaps (that is what us stay at home mums do isn't it!!?)

I have started blogging in the little spare time that I have, as there is only so many episodes of Peppa pig and Iggle piggle I can watch whilst making aeroplane noises at feeding time, before my brain turns to jelly!
(I will warn you all now though I am dyslexic so I apologise for the odd spelling or grammar mistake that will be turning up)

Bit more about me?.......

I love love LOVE Disney and Disney world holidays, I am pretty sure I must of been a Disney princess in my past life! whether you are watching a Disney film or walking around their theme parks you can instantly get lost in the magic of it all!

I'm a vegan and I also love baking, I have my own home vegan baking business that I run with my sister, Keep a look out for our Yummy Vegan sweet recipes!

what else is there to say.... I love candles....bath time.....but most of all I love my bed!!

Thanks for reading

K  :)  xx