A little bit about me...

Hi guys,
My name's Kerry (aka mummy or dear). I'm 30 and a stay at home mum to my two precious little dinkies, our little boy J who is nearly 5 and our littlest dinky A who is 9 months old! They really are the most beautiful, amazing children!

Me and the gorgeous side kick aka hubster have being married for 6 years now, he works hard so that I can sit at home and watch Jeremy Kyle and catch up on my soaps (that is what us stay at home mums do isn't it!!?)

I have started blogging in the little spare time that I have, as there is only so many episodes of Peppa pig and Iggle piggle I can watch whilst making aeroplane noises at feeding time, before my brain turns to jelly!
(I will warn you all now though I am dyslexic so I apologise for the odd spelling or grammar mistake that will be turning up)

Bit more about me?.......

I love love LOVE Disney and Disney world holidays, I am pretty sure I must of been a Disney princess in my past life! whether you are watching a Disney film or walking around their theme parks you can instantly get lost in the magic of it all!

I also love baking, I had my own home baking business before I fell pregnant with my second dinky, but during the pregnancy I suffered with hyperemesis graviderum and just couldn't carry on so I had to stop, and now mummy life has gotten in the way, I'm sure soon enough though my trusty wooden spoon will be dusted off and i'll be back behind the sponge!!

what else is there to say.... I love candles.... bath time.....but most of all I love my......BED!!

Thanks for reading

K  :)  xx