Big brother....

Big brother.

On September 25th you became a big brother,
and I couldn't of been a prouder mother.

One pink one blue,
my dream came true,
ooo kids you just don't realize how much we love you!

I sit and watch you cuddle and kiss her,
so in love you don't even know I'm there.

Her tiny hand wraps around your finger,
ooo how I want this moment to linger.

You're always behind her when she falls,
in the morning your the first name she calls.

You make her smile like no-one else can,
after all she is your number one fan.

Them giggles make my heart skip a beat,
she giggles louder when you tickle her feet!

As you both grow older,
I hope you remain this close
be there for each other when needed the most................

Infact I know for sure you will always be there.... our two true loves
our perfect pair.