Life before children vs life after

Life before children vs Life with children.

Its 7pm on a Saturday evening and I'm sat here with a cuppa and my pj's on! What happened!?

We had Children.....

Here is me and the hubby on our last holiday as a twosome.

My life went from me working full time as a manager been able to spend all my wages on nice clothes and fancy holidays to being a stay at home mummy looking after little humans that depend on me to feed, clothe them and love them unconditionally, which of course I do! but sometimes just sometimes I do miss the old me.

The days now are just so different, I love my busy hectic life but sometimes I do wish there was time for me to at least brush my hair and pop some makeup on in a morning!

Here is me and my beautiful family now, a few extra humans and me carrying a little extra weight! (I think I managed to brush my hair that day.....just!)

Here's how life can change once a mini human arrives.

Morning routine before children

Get up at 7am on a workday or roughly 9/9.30 on a day off, shower, go downstairs, pop bit of tele on and get a brew with a nice breakfast, sit for an hour or so and relax before going to work.

Morning routine with children

I don't wake up a certain time as its throughout the night, usually 1-3 and then 5-6am that's just the littlest dinkie, big J will sometimes wake with bad dreams, toilet trips or needing a drink.
So we usually wake around 6am ready for the day to start. Change dinkies nappy and get the breakfasts on for the two of them, whilst this is happening I make big J's school lunch bag up and pop the kettle on for me (yes at this time in a morning I must be still quite delusional) usually have to keep popping in and out of the room to stop J from wrestling with little A or little A doing a trapeze act out of her walker! breakfast done now feeding time at the zoo, J decides he doesn't want milk and wants his cereal dry! all done..... yet still no brew for me!
Time to get dressed, those of you who have a 4/5 year old will know how this lovely task will turn out! J and A dressed now time for me to route through my wardrobe to find a pair of trousers (usually leggings) that arnt covered in baby sick, now to pack little A's changing bag, sometimes I actually think its easier to pack a holiday case then it is a changing bag for a baby!!......still no brew,
All dressed now pram ready, school things sorted and ready for the school we go......yup still NO BREW!!

Meals out before children

Out with the hubby for a special tea because I couldn't be bothered to cook after a long day at work, local pub for a few drinkies and a nice meal, whilst chatting about our day.

Meals out with children

Were to sit? can we fit a highchair in? is they a highchair available? is there a suitable menu for big J (the worlds pickiest eater!) food comes, adults meals at a normal food temp and of course the kids meals are piping hot because why wouldn't they be!? ours start to cool as we are sat blowing the kids meals and then one of us agrees to be the chief blower whilst the other gets their food whilst its still luke warm. few bites........and swap!
Tea done.. now pudding...we all have our own but of course the children want whatevers on our plate which we happily share, then we call home time which usually ends up in tears as big J has probably met a few friends in the play area and wants to stay there all night! we clean the floor around the highchair up as little A resembles a t-rex when eating, clean the highchair and off we go.

Taking a bath in the day, before children

Ahhhh my favourite time of the day!! hot bath, bubbles, candles a book annnnnd relax....................

Taking a bath in the day, after children

quickly run the bath but not too hot as i know within 15/20 mins I WILL be joined by another little human, no candles insite as little A likes to chew them and I only use baby bath as of course I will be sharing this bath at some point......."mammy"........"mammy are you in the bath"
here it goes................."can I come in" "please mammy I'm cold and want a bath" I try and put big J off and say its hot water and all the other excuses I can think off but before iv even finished hes undressed and in! and my nice bath has now turned into a disco dive for a 5 year old and his hot wheels!!

Now drum roll please.

AND THE WINNER IS.........................................


I do love my family life at the moment, of course I would like a little more "me" time but once children enter our lives its hard for that to happen, also I plan to have a day to myself once every few months whether its going out shopping with the mother or a girly tea out with friends but when I do go out I miss them! yes even a 4 hour shopping trip makes me ache to get back home and see them! I guess they feel apart of me like they should be attached like little siamese people at all times!

I'm not going to lie family life and been a housewife is definitely the hardest thing I have ever done and sometimes my beautiful children can have days were they represent satan! but even looking back and seeing how "easy" life was before them I still wouldn't change a thing!
I guess its not so bad to look worn down, 10 years older and knackered when you forget all that as soon as you feel those little hands lock with yours.

Thanks for reading

Kerry xx


  1. What a brilliant blog speaking the honest truth about motherhood! It's so refreshing to be able to relate to a blog as a pose to reading the other mum blogs and the 'perfect world' they pretend to be living in!I'm loving the genuinely useful tips as well! Looking forward to reading lots more!

  2. aww thank you Anna! more blogs on their way!


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