Saving for Disneyworld!

Hi guys,

I have being wanting to do a post on saving for Disneyworld, I hear sooooo many of my friends say they would love to go but the ££ makes it impossible for them. My first thought is that they must have walked into a travel agent for their price query as doing everything diy can be very, very reasonable and totally do-able!

First up a bit about us and our Disneyworld past....

If you know me then you will know my obsession with that god dam mouse! I love it, if its Disney then its for me!
We have been to Disneyland Paris once and Disneyworld (Orlando) 6 times now and we even got married over there in 2010. Due to our budget we didn't actually get to say our vows in a park but hey.. we spent two weeks there and as a special honeymoon treat we booked ourselves on the amazing Disney cruise line to the Bahamas! it was a out of this world!

Now before we had the children we would just book the holiday a year in advance and then just save up until the date came.........then came the kids. We took our little boy J when he was 3 in 2014 and the cost side of it was a bit more as we had another little person to pay for, looking back now and realizing what he got out of it we should of gone a few months before when he was 2.5 and got him there for free. Don't get me wrong he loved it and even now 2 years later he will talk about the rides and character's etc but I don't think going 5 months earlier would have made him remember anything less!

Now fast forward to 2016 and it has been nearly 2 years since our last trip and it is killing me!! we have said our next trip we don't want to take baby A until she's at least 4, just because some of the things we learnt with J. The heat was too much for him and a lot of the rides he wasn't tall enough for, and believe me he is a VERY tall boy for his age! So this month the saving has began.

Now the saving part and How are we saving?

Some of the tips I have been given on social media sites are a god send when saving for something big! Here is a mixture of some of my own tips and ones that I have being given to try.

£2 coin jar

Whenever you have a £2 coin in your purse/wallet pop it in the jar, use a tin that cant be opened (one of them ones you have to use a tin opener to get into) this will stop you sneaking in when things are running a bit low.....I do it all the time when I need things like school donations and bus fayre!! tins are easily picked up for just £1 from Poundshop, try it you wont believe how quick it all adds up! Obviously it doesn't have to be just £2 coins, you could have a loose change tin to, anything £2 under goes in.

Start shopping somewhere cheaper!

Now I have never been one to shop anywhere like Waitrose because to me a tin of beans is a tin of beans! We did however shop at Asda......not anymore. A few months ago we started taking our "food" shopping money out as I am terrible at putting everything on my card so I have no idea what is left in my bank account and how much I have spent on a food shop! so we started taking £80 per week out for our family food the first week we did it at Aldi, a full shop came to around £45, £15 less then our average Asda shop! and still £35 left for any other bits through the week.
Whatever is left in my purse at the end of the week will now go into my savings tin :)

Swapping bill providers

This would surprise a lot of people if they tried it, just by simply swapping your energy suppliers could save you £10+ a month. On receiving our gas estimate I rang up to change suppliers and they instantly saved me £30 per month on my bill! try it...nothing to loose.

Having a clear out and selling bits

How many of us have cupboards bursting with clothes we do not wear?? never mind it cost £££ if you don't wear it no more or it doesn't longer fit then its no good to us, pop it on a selling site like Ebay, Gumtree even Facebook and get the ££ in your pocket instead of it being sat in a cupboard gathering dust. I have little sort outs and do carboots, its such an easy way to get a little bit of money in your pocket, (or your savings tin!)

Finding a interest free credit card for 12-18months

There are lots of credit card companies out there at the moment doing interest free for 12/18 months so why not take advantage....Book the dream holiday and break it down into 12 monthly payments and pay the amount off every month.

These are just a few of the things we will be doing, if you have any of your own tips we would love to hear them :) I will be updating little things on our savings plans and how its all coming on...I f you can dream it, you can do it.

Thanks for reading and if you like it give it a share :)

K, R, J & A