When are we having another baby?

When are we having another baby??

This is something I hear all the time!

Our answer is......We aren't!

Then comes the " o well you never know" "there's time yet" "three's easier than two"

It seems a woman isn't taken seriously when their womb is screaming at them asking for a well deserved early retirement!

"o well you never know"

yes, I do, me and the hubby know we don't want any more children so we have decided on the most effective way to stop this from happening......snip.....snip!

"there's time yet"

Everyone has different opinions on this and my opinion is that now I have hit the big 3 0 I feel personally that I'm a little too old, as a couple we have always said we want to still be a good healthy age when the kiddies are grown up and living their own lives, that we can spend some quality time together before the kids bung us into our nursing homes!

"three's easier than two"

Wow really!? I'm afraid I'm just going to have to guess what three is like, but easier!!? I highly doubt that it is!! Our morning routine with Joseph going to school resembles some sort of military operation! When he has to get ready for school, its like I'm asking him to cut off his legs! Then there's getting him washed and hair done with Alice pulling at my pyjama bottoms wanting to be carried, I usually get dressed with one hand, which, if you saw me, it would be obvious!! Little Alice usually likes to leave me a smelly parcel in her nappy just as we are running out of the door, Thank you A!
Then comes the night time routine of teatime, homework with Joseph, playtime with Alice, bath time, story time and all in between! Meanwhile I still haven't had my breakfast! I cant imagine another little human been added to that mix.

Don't get me wrong my children are my world and I bless each and every day that I was lucky enough to have them but two is enough...in fact its pretty perfect, we have the perfect set up of been able to go away on holiday, days out and the odd treat trip to toys r us for them. So a little message to my womb......Thank you for baking my perfect two the way you did, I will be forever grateful! kick back, relax and......Happy retirement!!



  1. It's does craze me when people constantly ask you this. Even after i had given birth to Amelia did someone ask me if I would have more.

  2. Yes it's just as popular as the "is it a boy or a girl" question when she's head to foot in pink!

  3. such a cool post! I can't relate because I am single but great read!

  4. Haha it doesn't end there. I've been asked a few times if we'll have another child (we have three). Errr no. #blogstravaganza

  5. Happy retirement indeed, I could not agree more! Two is definitely enough for us too, the thought of a third brings me out in a sweat! Thanks for linking up to #Blogstravaganza, hope to see you again next week xx

  6. Everyone always has an opinion on how many children you should have, especially when it doesn't affect them. #CoolMumClub

  7. I know! I remember taking my little boy out at 5 days old and someone asked me "are you having anymore!" 5 days old!!!! #coolmumclub

  8. Happy retirement indeed! What is it with everyone's obsessions with women being baby making machines anyway? Maybe they have no other conversation to offer up?!!!! Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub x


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