5 things i didnt realise about having a planned c-section.

I had my little J in 2011 and had a natural birth with no pain relief and lasted just 4 hours....then came the complications, I had a 4th degree tear and I had to be taken down for surgery, The consultant told me if I had another baby it was highly likely that I would have to have It via cesarean section.

Fast forward to 2015 and we were expecting our second baby. I saw a consultant and we agreed on a planned cesarean for the 25th September! To say I was nervous was an understatement! I'd done some research on forum sites etc but i came to the conclusion that a lot of women just want the award for "the most dramatic birth" "i had the worst labour" is what you hear all the time! let's face it I don't think there's any woman that would agree on having a nice, painless labour!
I decided to stop reading about it scaring myself and just go with the flow! I was a little nieve really  I thought i would have the section, stay in hospital a few days and then just need a few days rest at home....Wow was I wrong!

Here are 5 things I didn't realise about having a cesarean section.

1: How quick it all happened.
My surgeon came to see me in the morning to go through the procedure and to let me know a time for my section, I was booked in for 12pm. They came for me at 11.55 took me down to theatre and put the spinal in at around 12.05 laid back for 5/10 mins for it to start working and hey presto she was born at 12.19!!! crazy quick! 

2: How calm and relaxed it all was. 
When they took us down to the theatre I was shaking like a leaf....fear of the unknown I guess mixed with excitement to meet our new bundle of joy, as soon as we got in there and met everyone about (8/9 people) I instantly calmed down they were lovely! one woman even held my hand! When they asked what sex the baby was and we didnt know they was so much excitement in the room it was amazing, they all had little bets and as 4 boys had been delivered that morning the bet was on team pink, one woman even put the radio on! So when she came out everyone cheered it was unreal and the song that was playing was Stevie Wonders "isn't she lovely" Wow my heart burst!

 3: The way I felt when I couldn't hold my baby in my arms as soon as she was born.
 It felt strange I knew I wouldn't be able to hold her straight away and that she would be placed near my chest but it just wasn't the same, Don't get me wrong i got that overwhelmed feeling of love and happiness but i couldn't hold her little hands and touch her tiny nose. I found this really difficult.

4: The spinal didn't hurt one little bit! 
Maybe just me but I was so scared about having an injection in my spine, how can it not hurt?? what if I move? what if it slips? so many questions running around in my head..........all that worry was for nothing, I didn't feel a thing not even a sting! So if anyone's reading this and is scared of injections please don't worry it really doesn't hurt!

5: The after pains!
This one was a bitch! I thought I would be sore but wow! I never knew you used your stomach muscles so much! Sitting up was so painful, trying to pick up my baby and even opening a door felt like I had just been hit by a truck. I stayed in the hospital for two nights but I think it should be minimum 3 as it is a very big operation and you need time and care to heal! I had my section 10 months ago now and still get pains in my stomach area and all along my scar.

 Anyone that says "To posh to push" has obviously never had a section before, there is nothing posh or easy about having a section! I do wish i had been able to have a natural birth with no complications but it didn't happen that way. No matter how we all get there were all after the end result...Our babies, whether that's through....natural....section.....pain releif.....no pain relief, we all just want our babies here safe and in our arms and there's no medal depending on how you did it.

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  1. My second was a planned c-section due to muscle damage and hemorrhaging after my first.i agree with the after pains they hurt like hell. 18 months on still get a little pain along my scar line which is almost invisible and even though i had a c-section i still delivered my baby just with some help.

  2. yes its weird the pain! is your scar numb in areas too?


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