A short letter to my birthday boy.

Dear Birthday boy,

On this day 5 years ago we heard that first cry coming from your tiny lungs, my heart skipped a beat, then the midwives brought you over and placed you on my chest and that's when it burst with love!
O my what was this that I was feeling? I love your daddy and  I love your grandparents but this love was unreal! I promised you there and then that I would love and protect you for the rest of my life!

We brought you home to start our brand new chapter of family life together, I woke through the night just to check you was still there, I loved to stare at your tiny face and beam with pride.

Every day brought something new from your first word to your first crawl then came the steps, you were growing into such a clever, kind happy boy. Always bringing a smile to my face!

Then came the tantrums! year 2 was a new you, you would get angry when we couldn't understand what you was trying to say, or when you wanted to do something but found it hard....You were 2 yet you was wanting to fly!

 The first 3 years flew by and it was time for you to start nursery...I had to share you!

I was so nervous you were going to be the youngest in your school, how would you cope? would you struggle and still want mummy? would you be ok making friends because you was younger?.......should we wait another year?

Why did I worry?... you were amazing and such a clever little boy! Your school reports always shine and I'm so so proud that you are mine!

You grow more and more every day, you're holding my hand less and wanting to walk with your friends instead or to run off in front and play with your crazy imagination.....slow down baby boy.....just a little.

Today is the day that you turn five years old! your attitude seems to grow every day but so does your love and kindness! Have a brilliant birthday my sweet, beautiful boy.

All my love.