"JUST" a stay at home mum!!

"Where do you work?"
The answer to this is......I don't work.

Or do I?

No.....not the paid type of work anyway.

That's right I'm JUST a stay at home mum, I sit on my fat arse all day drinking tea, dunking biscuits whilst watching Jeremy Kyle on loop, not forgetting to bleed the benefits system dry, That is what a stay at home mum does isn't it??

Since having my babies I've noticed the massive stereotypical views that come with not working...Lazy, benefit scrounging, not being a good role model to my children blah...blah...blah and the list goes on! When I step foot out the door my anxiety starts with how people view me as a mother, especially on the school run, I'm not the one dressed in my work clothes rushing around because I have to quickly drop the kids off and rush to work.....that makes me a bad mother doesn't it? I'm not providing like I should be for my children am I? I'm not showing them that you have to work for money to be able to have nice things? and so it starts......

Here's my background and why I CHOOSE to be a stay at home mum.

 I have worked from been 15 (13 if you include 3 paper rounds!) I left school, attended college whilst working nights and weekends, left college and went straight into full-time work. Then at the age of 18 I had my first management role which then followed me around in other jobs up until I had my first child J in 2011. I came from a home where my father brought home the money and my mother stayed at home and watched the children, she did have a night time job when my siblings were younger but gave that up once dad was earning a little more.Very old fashioned but that's how it was and I hold the same views.....I always said from me and the hubs getting married that I didn't want children until we were financially able for me to give up work and look after them myself. ( I know, I know some childen aren't 't planned etc, etc) but this was MY plans.

I didn't want to go back to work and put them in nursery......The fees alone was crazy and I would be working just for someone else to look after them!!?? oo and maybe so we could have some sort of a luxury, like "sky" or fancy holidays, I'd rather give up sky tv and my children only have 60 channels on free view and holiday in a caravan.
I decided to give up my management job and not return to work after my maternity came to and end this was the right choice for us and our family, I am in no way getting at "working mums" that's not what this post is about, its each to their own and what works best for different people and their families, I just wish there wasn't so much stigma attached to the stay at home mums!

My hubby goes to work and provides everything for us, and I know we are really lucky to be in this situation as a lot of parents don't get the choice of whether they should go back to work or not.

Been a stay at home mum, or as a lot of people like to call it "JUST a stay at home mum" is not easy! The word "just" infuriates me! I'm with my children 24 hours of the day except when their in bed which by then I'm usually, ironing, washing and doing the usual daily chores and that's fine as this was MY choice and I know I'm doing what's best for my family, and as much as its exhausting and mentally draining at times it works. I know I'm not "JUST" a stay at home mum, I'm everything my children need me to be. Whatever we as mothers are doing, we are doing it for our children, whether that's going out to work, working away from home or staying home and looking after the home and family, we are all doing the same "job" and that's trying to be the best parents that we can be.

So lets Smile, not judge

Thanks for reading


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  1. Good for you! If we're lucky enough to have children I'd love to stay home and look after them, instead of going back to my job as a teacher and looking after someone else's children while someone else looks after mine! x #SundayBest

  2. I would love to be able to stay at home with D full time, but unfortunately we need my full time wage to apply for a mortgage. Hopefully one day we will be able to afford it! You are very lucky, ignore the haters.


  3. Well Said. I'm a SAHD since March last year. I've gotten the 'So what do you do all day, XBox is it?!' I've learned to brush it off. Reading your post, these words are key (imo) 'this was the right choice for us and our family' and we were the same. If it works and provides the best environment for the nippers, then that's what is best. I've worked in numerous pubs, as a Pensions broker, in a Start Up since I was 15 and looking after my 2 amazing girls is the busiest job I've even had. And it is a job - it's the best job in the world. Great read.

  4. Thanks for reading guys! Yes I know I'm very lucky to be able to stay at home, I wish everyone could have the choice to either go back to work or stay at home, been an adult can sure suck!

  5. Very well said. I'm a bit of both as I stay at home but also work from home, and even then the comments never stop so it seems like you can truly never win! As long as you and your family are happy, thats the only thing that matters. Thanks for joining us at #sundaybest, hope to see you again tomorrow x

  6. I love how you've done that photo! I totally understand what you mean, where I live it's not uncommon for mums to stay at home but there are the odd weird comments from people who think I just sit on my bum all day. And now I work from home too that doesn't get taken seriously at all! Thank you for linking up #SundayBest x


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