Step by step minion spiderman cake

Hi guys today I have made a birthday cake for a friends son so I thought I would blog it along the way. It is a spider-man minion cake.

First off to bake you will need a 2x 6" cake pan and a dome cake pan.
16oz flour
16oz sugar
16oz butter
8 eggs and some vanilla essence. (this will do you for all the three cakes)
I make the first 6" from 6oz of everything and 3 eggs then I have to repeat once the first 6" is cooled, as I only have one tin!!
The dome I use 4oz of everything and 2 eggs :)

Bake for around 20 minutes and if not ready keep checking every 5. (do this by inserting a knife into the cake, and it should come out dry, if not bake for another 5 mins)
Once baked, let them cool, I pop mine on a bit of baking paper.
Once cooled I stacked and iced them, I used 12oz if icing sugar and 6oz of butter, creamed together and onto the cakes it goes, cream, jam, stack.....cream, jam, stack!
Now for the decorating part, here's the things you will need.
2 black icing gel pens, blue, yellow, black and brown colouring, 2 packs of red icing and a bag of white icing and 5 cocktail sticks. You will also need some pastry cutter and some cake tools to use for the denim marks on his dungarees. ooooh and a tape measure, also not forgetting the usual icing sugar for dusting, rolling pin etc.

First part I covered the cake red, I measured what length I needed the fondant at then rolled it out, then when I got to the measurement I needed I covered him.

once covered I just ran over him with my cake polisher, if you don't have one of these you can always use a big chunk of icing rolled into a bowl and just rub around the whole cake.

Now for his eye. I coloured a little bit of fondant yellow for his eyebrow then I used a tiny bit of brown and black for his actual eye and white for his eyeball.
I added a little tylose powder into the fondant for the eye so it doesn't droop when it goes onto the minion.

After his eye is done I then did his goggle, I coloured some fondant grey, then used a cutter that was 2 sizes bigger then the one I used for his eye. Once I cut this out I had to use the same cutter I used for the eye to make a hole in the middle of the circle.

I left them both to a side to dry, whilst I got on with his dungarees.

I coloured the fondant blue and measured the area around him so I knew how wide they needed to be to fit him. I did it in two pieces the back and then the front, so once I got the measurements I halved it and that's where I would cut the top part that of his dungarees.

I cut a little pocket for the front of his jeans.

and then this is the back of his dungarees, I made the middle part a bit taller with them been the back.

Then I stuck them all on, I did two thin strips for his straps and added them to the back and front part of his dungarees.

Then added two little black circles for his cute little buttons. I then went around his dungarees with a stitching tool to give the stitching look, you can always use a knife if you don't have one.
I did two little blue stumps for his legs and then made his feet from two lumps of black fondant just moulded and indented then stuck these onto the stumps.

Next was his arms... I measured how long they would have to be then rolled the red fondant into two sausages and then made two gloves, again out of the black fondant.....and attached.

Then I attached his eye and googles, I used 2 cocktail sticks to stick his eye on and 3 for his goggles. Before I stuck the goggles on I painted them silver with an edible pen.
Then his strap, again I measured around his head to see how long it would need to be, measured, cut and then stuck on :)

Last bit......the dreaded gel pens!!! I hate these things with a passion, one little push on it can totally destroy the cake!! so here goes.....I put on the web pattern and wallaa he's all done...

everyone meet BOB :)

I hope this blog has been fun and that you try it out.. if so post your pics and #bakingbob lets see some of them creations!
I love baking so I'm going to do a few more of these posts. If you enjoy these sorts of blogs, please follow and share.

thanks for reading

Kerry x


  1. Wow, you made this?! I thought I was being adventurous in my last blog putting a recipe for homemade bread! Haha.
    This looks so special and I bet they will really cherish the photos of this - even if the cake itself disappears almost straight away!
    This is such a sweet thing for you to do :).

    Sending you best wishes,

    Nicky xx |

  2. aw thank you nicky I thought I might aswell blog it whilst I was doing it, kill two birds with one stone an all that :)

    1. Yeah, sounds like a great plan! I need to try and get myself organised like that :P haha.

      Nicky xx

  3. Wow this is a cake which I can testify is both amazing taste and appearance wise!! I will definitely be trying this and live the achievable steps it's been broken down in which makes me think even a novice baker like myself will be able to do it!😄

  4. aw thanks anna get your wooden spoon out and get baking! :)


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