Veterans weekend at the park.

On Sunday we took a stroll to our local park to visit the veteran weekend celebrations. Its on every year but this is the first time we have been, the sun was shining and the kids needed to get some fresh air so I thought why not!

As we went into the park we was given a map of all the areas that was on offer and a little union jack flag for the kiddies, as we walked in you could feel the buzz and it was a very fun atmosphere, it was all very patriotic!

There was so much to do and see, lots and lots of displays and attractions for all ages! it would have been amazing to walk round with an older member of family that had actually experienced the war.

This gentleman was making horse shoes for £3! he took you through the whole process and even my  4 year old that finds it hard to sit still whilst watching Thomas the tank sat and listened to him! id of paid £50 for it if id of known he'd be able to keep my son still for so long!!

There was even an old pop up hospital with all the props used in the war, although the severed finger in the pan didn't go down well with J!

Throughout the day they has special events on such as a Silver Stars Parachute Team, Static Spitfire, Messerchmitt and Hurricane aircraft displays, a Great War Trench experience and even some World War II battle re-enactments which we didn't get to see as big J doesn't like loud noises.

There was also a stage set up for a 1940's tribute to swing singers and dancers, and they had a big dance floor where everyone could join in!

Of course whenever the park has some sort of event the fun fayre owners rub their hands together whilst seeing the £££ sign flash before there their eyes and set up on site charging a ridiculous amount for a child's ride!
Now I don't mind paying £2.50 for a 3 minute ride but the woman that ran this particular ride had the personality of a damp towel!! it was a spinning tea cup ride and the cups wasn't span ONCE!! no smiles, no manners no care in the world! Every single child on that ride came off disappointed!

We spent a few hours around the park on rides and checking out all the different shows and things and then the kiddies enjoyed an hour in the actual play park and we all had an ice-cream.
Then home we went.

It was a lovely event and to make it better it was free!... well apart from the fun fair side of it which I had to re-mortgage the house just so big J could try out some of the rides!
But all in all it was a great day and the boy loved it! we will definitely dragging daddy along with us next time!

Thanks for reading

k xx