Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Are parents also back to school?

This post is a rant so if you don't want to hear a sweaty, stressed out, hormonal mum ramble on then press that little cross in the right hand corner now!

So as we all know today was back to school for the kiddies.....it would also seem that it was "back to school" for the parents, all the mucky looks, the bitching and the whispering started again today for another long ass term! I'm not "in the club" as I call It, I see school as a place my child goes to and I as a parent take him, drop him off and pick him up. I'm not there to make "friends" I'm polite and say hello and have the odd chat but that's about as far as it goes, So because of this maybe I'm seen as some sort of "snob" or "ignorant" I say hello, what more do people want!! I help with bake sales and summer fayres and contribute to the school whenever they need help, But because I'm not in the massive mumsy group I'm looked down on!

Some parents also think they can pick the days they want to say hello to me! one day they can be full of smiles the next just a dirty look whilst walking past me!!
I once heard some of the mums stood at the door talking about me because I didn't go stand next to them and chat, instead, I waited in line for my child!?? was this the wrong thing to do? is that not what I'm there for!?

I find myself worrying about what the other mums think of me....why!!? It's like worrying about what the "bullies" or the "popular" girls think and say! When I became a mother I didn't sign up to this shit, my school days ended in 2002! and trust me them days are days I NEVER want to relive!

Sorry this post is just a huge rant but today has been one of them sort of days, and I just needed to express some of the anger that I was feeling.

Right best go iron my uniform for tomorrow and open a big bottle of wine........Hungover for school what will the headteacher do with me, I may even get detention!!




  1. Ugh I hate this kind of rubbish! You are so right, been there done that DEFINITELY don't want to go back. What is up with some people?!
    Hope the rant made you feel better!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

  2. Indeed it did until 8.50 the next morning! only 12 years left of it!