Back to school. Back to tantrums.

Well today my little J started school again, he has just gone into year 1.

(post tantrum!)

Now my son has been far from a dream over the holidays but school time is always worse, he spends all day at school acting like prince charming then 3.15pm comes and the fairy godmother turns him into the evil step mum and he hates everything and everyone around him!! (me especially!)

We had our first tantrum at breakfast as he's been sleeping in a little over the holidays and this morning he had to be woken up, so he was a crabby arsed nightmare and didn't want to eat his breakfast (bowl of cheerios) but wanted a slice of chocolate cheesecake instead! cue tantrum 1.

 Everyone was posting images on social media of their little treasures in their new uniform and mine was currently upstairs screaming that his collar on his new t-shirt itched! and his new black socks had bits near the toes that annoyed him! Cue tantrum number 2!

The tantrums continued over the next hour!

-The drinks bottle he was taking to school didn't have superheroes on it.
-He wanted chocolate spread on his sandwiches
- He wanted the "batman" toothpaste instead of the god damn "Mr men" one!

The time came to leave the house and the lovely fairy godmother waved her wand once again and turned him into the lovely prince charming......

"mummy do you want me to push the pram for you?"

"mummy if you take me swimming tomorrow I will go on the slide with you"

Wow my son certainly does a great impression of Jekyll and hyde!!

As we were walking to school I was Feeling a little emotional with him going up yet another year and thinking of how fast the last year has gone but he was so excited I think that's what stopped me from turning into a blubbering mess! He's so tall and big for his age (just turned 5 and in age 7-8 clothes and a size 1 shoe) but he looked so small In his school uniform!

We had a lovely walk to school in the sunshine, he was kicking leaves and playing hopscotch on the path and when we got to the gate he just ran heart sank, my little over sensitive boy was starting another school year, another year older and all of a sudden he didn't want a cuddle or a kiss!! I'm hoping it was because he saw his friends that he hasn't seen for 6 weeks and he was so excited about this. Maybe though...just maybe he's starting to grow into a young boy rather than my "baby"

But always remember baby boy even when you act like a mini arsehole, you're mummy will always need a kiss and a cuddle!!