Bathtime talk with mummy

Tonight whilst bathing my 5-year-old boy he asked if he could ask me a question about a word he had heard at school.

"mummy, can I ask you if a word I heard today is a swear word?"

**gulp** oh ooh hows this going to end!

"Well do you think it's a swear word J?"

"maybe not, that's why I need to ask you, I promise after I tell you I'll never ever say it again mummy"

"What does It begin with J"

"P mummy"

hmmmmmmmm suppose there could be worse words than piss.......

"what word did you hear buddy?"

He leans in ready to whisper...................."penis"

Phewwww... well that could have been worse.

I tell him it's not a swear word it's just another name for his "wagger" but it's what bigger boys call theirs.
I'm sat here thinking why did I say it was a word that older boys use? what's wrong with a 5-year-old calling his "willy" an actual penis....the right word for it!?

Whatever our children name their genitals whether it's Willy, wagger, Minky moo, or tuwee they all mean the same thing, surely Penis and vagina are the words we should be using?
Its not something I have ever thought of, when he was smaller it was just natural for me to give it a different name for him, I don't know why, was I trying to make it sound cute? funny?

Breasts usually get called breasts or boobs because obviously that's what they are, why don't we call them eggs, swingers, titties etc

I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this I was just sat here thinking and wanted to write it down really.

What's everyone else's thoughts on this? do you call them what they are or do you also have cute, funny names for them?


  1. Penis/vagina/vulva here. My 7yo does say also say willy and front bum but I try and use the proper words because she also thought penis was a swear word! I explained that penis/vagina/vulva are the "scientific" and proper names for them and willy and etc are nick names. x

  2. Yeah I'm the same as Gee. We've always taught them the correct words. They know they have penis, and they know willy is another word for it and that's generally what they call it. We've never seen the point in using any babyish words with the boys. For example we've never called other children babas (eugh, makes me cringe just typing it!��). It just seemed silly and pointless to teach our children one set of words at one stage and then changing it to the proper words when older. So yep, with you both on this one! Penis all the way! Ha ha!


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