Thursday, September 29, 2016

Holiday vs women!

We have booked a little getaway this weekend to a little caravan park...Our first family holiday!

Not sure if its just me but I NEED to clean the house from top to bottom before we go as I can't bear to come back off a holiday to a mess! So the race is on......The day before is clean and pack!

Well for me its clean and pack, for the hubby its bath and throw a few t-shirts in a bag and away he goes!!

Here's MY checklist against the hubbys!


1- Write a checklist!! One can never have enough checklists!!
2- Dig the bags out.
3- Travel documents all safe/together and in a bag.
4- Ironing/washing pile all done and empty! (I'm bringing enough dirty clothes back, I don't want another full weeks on top of what's already there!)
5- Full house cleaned!
6- Beds stripped/washed/dried and ironed!
7- Kiddies bags all packed.
8- Baby bottles sterilized and packed
9- My clothes packed.
10- Hubbys underwear/swimming bits packed
11- Buckets and spades dug out.
12- Cameras and video all charged and ready.
13- Ice blocks for picnic bag put in the freezer.
14- Picnic/dinner pack up made and ready.
15- Food for the weekend packed.
16- Towels and toiletries packed.
17- Travel cot and chair washed and packed.
18- Car hoovered and packed.


1- Pack his clothes
2- Fill the car with petrol and put air in tyres.
3- Pick brother up after work.

OOOoo and one more for mine : 19- Tell hubby to do the things on his checklist!!

Thanks for reading.



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  1. Oooh how exciting, your first family holiday! I hope you all had a lovely time. My husband and my lists are pretty much the same, funny how ours are always so much longer! ;-) Great post, thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily