Hospital bag essentials for a c-section.

I can't believe this time last year I had just gotten a date for our cesarean section, it was 7 days before my due date and I was scheduled in for the 25th September which was in 5 days time!  I rushed home and panicked about my hospital bag! What would I need? I had done all this before but it was a natural birth with my boy and I had it all packed the month before!! Would I need anything that I wouldn't for a natural birth?

First of all I packed for the baby, with my first child I packed wayyyyyy too much, how many outfit changes does one baby need! I had been told with a section I would be in 2-3 days.

so I packed:

6 baby grows/vests (The hubby would have brought more if I needed I wasn't going to Tim Buk Tu I was going to the local hospital!) 2 hats, 2 pairs of mittens, a nice thick blanket, a pack of disposable bibs and a pack of nappies. What more does a baby need?

Now for mine, i sat and had a thought about magazines etc but with a newborn baby to sit and stare at and then the painkillers and night feeds making me sleepy would I have the time to sit and read about how Kim Kardashian's dressing her child this week!!? So magazines were crossed off my never ending list....

I got on with packing the usual things,

3 nighties: I usually wear PJ bottoms but having a section meant I would have a big scar right where your trousers sit! so i packed nighties and they ended up been so comfortable!

 6 pairs of knickers (you need a fair few changes once babies here and the lovely 9 months worth of backlogged visits from aunt Flo turn up!)

A pair of socks: This is a must...when the time comes and you're laid on the operating table your feet get so cold!!

Dressing gown: For the walks around the ward, even if it's just to the loo it's so important to try and have a stretch and a walk afterwards.

Sanitary towels: Not just for the aunt Flo visit but also the scar can get very sore and can rub against clothes so i used a sanitary towel over the wound and then popped my knickers over it so it wouldn't rub.

Toiletries: Toothbrush, flannel, and deodorant.

Camera: We need to capture all those first amazing memories!

Snacks: When I got out of surgery all i wanted was chocolate!! pack a few bars in your bag and have one with a nice cuppa deserve it! Also I took Lucozade as I was so tired it would give me a little lift in the afternoon.

Some very comfy clothes to come home in: Again the scar is in a very awkward place so pack something like leggings that go over the stomach, or a pair of jogging bottoms that can be pulled over the scar that are nice and baggy. let's be honest this is what you will be living in for the next two months!!

And my last little thing was something for our little boy.

A present from baby for her big brother: Our J found the new baby thing very hard he came to visit us and was in floods of tears wanting us to "send her back" so we got him a little gift and said it was from little A. Just made things a little easier :)

C- sections are hard and the recovery is tough so once out of the hospital relax as much as you can! Read my "things I didn't realise about having a section post Here.
 If you're reading this with an upcoming section planned we wish you all the luck in the world and don't forget our essentials to pop in your bag :)

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  1. Reading this brings back so many memories. I gave birth to my first three then had my triplets by C - Section, there really is a difference. #SharewithMe

  2. I packed so much that was useless when i went in! we were told to take snacks so we had a whole bagful that just wasnt touched at all! drinks though, that was an essential for me!
    it ended up with us both being in for a week and as he was in an incubator for half of that time all the outfits i put in the bag were redundant and the one thing i hate is packing things that never get used! #sharewithme

  3. Thanks so much for writing and sharing this - I am sure it will be so useful. I had four tricky births but no sections so i literally know nothing about this. Thanks for joining #sharewithme


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