My baby's first year!

My little bundle of joy turned one today.....ONE!!! where has this year gone, is it because she's my second that the time has just flown by??

It seems like yesterday that I was in hospital having my section the song that was playing as she entered the world was Stevie wonders classic "isn't she lovely" and my god wasn't she! I was waiting eagerly to hold her in my arms! it was perfect! my heart skipped beats and it burst as soon as I saw her beautiful face and she wrapped her fingers around my thumb!

She was so strong holding her own head up around 6 weeks! people would comment on how strong she was and her brother definitely agrees now that's she's pulling his hair!! The next few months was a bit of a daze with sleepless nights and milk commas, its lovely been in that little perfect family bubble, sleep cuddle, sleep cuddle.

 4 months she was sat up gracing us with her glowing smile and her amazing impressions of a weeble wobble!

5 months is always a point I will remember as she said her first word........DAD!! DAD, what the hell!? It also was A's first trip to the hospital with an ear infection.

Phew 5.5 months she said it....mamma arrrgghhhh she is so fricking cute!!!!

At 6 months old she started rolling.....everywhere, she would roll the full length of our room in seconds! She's been a bit of a nuisance to the NHS needing antibiotics every month since been 12 weeks old with ear infections and 3 hospital trips with tonsillitis but she's getting there! We also got two teeth this month all the ear ache and the screaming fits with red cheeks came to an end for a few weeks!

7 months old she was crawling and causing havoc everywhere she went, opening draws and trapping her fingers! picking the stones from the fireplace and chewing them........and of course climbing the stairs! aaarggghhhh.

How could we forget her learning the one word used more than "mummy"...."hiya" my god she must say this word at least 3 times a minute!! Also it made me realize how ruddy miserable some people are, surely when a baby is shouting "hiya" with a cute little wave, is it not just nice manners and natural to just say "hiya" back??

We marked the 7 month point with us going out and buying safety gates!! ooooh and another trip to the A & E department!

8 months brought little A pulling herself up and walking around furniture....this was fun! climbing up the back of the sofa and climbing all over her big brother, this is a fun game espeshially when its homework time....said no mother ever!!

9 months was fun! belly laughs, another hospital visit and learning to climb out of her walker!! I was nieve and thought I could wash the pots whilst A was in her walker, how silly was I!

Bang....someone was upstairs, J was in the room doing his jigsaw but where was A!!?? an empty walker stood where she once was! Cheeky monkey had used the bottom three stairs to pull herself out of her walker and of she trotted upstairs!! Also another 2 teeth, her nashers at the top came!

10 months she was off walking with a push along walker, she even knew how to reverse! (she obviously has her mummy's amazing driving skills!) She clapped her hands! I know its something so simple but I really think its the cutest thing ever!!

plus yet another A & E trip! This was a ambulance, blue light trip, safe to say I have been a mother for 6 years now and I have never EVER been so scared in all my life. Seeing my little girl laid on a stretcher all hooked up to wires with a temp of nearly 42 was horrendous and something I hope I never have to witness again!

11 months was standing on her own and been very pleased about it, clapping her hands and shouting "hiya" She figured how to escape her highchair straps, stand up, turn herself around and sit backwards on the tray!!

Here we are now at 12 months old! she isn't walking yet but she's standing up all on her own and getting up from been sat down with no support so I shouldn't think it will be long....but my god what are we in for when she is even more mobile!? She is such a happy little girl, from the moment she wakes up till the time she goes to bed she is always smiling!

Bring on the next 12 months and lets see what she has in store for us!

I cant wait.....




  1. What a lovely way of summing up your 1st 12 months. Do you mind if I share it on my blog ?

  2. What a lovely way of summing up your 1st 12 months. Do you mind if I share it on my blog ?


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