Slimmingworld week 1 update.

Since having my little boy 5 years ago my weight has yo-yo'd, mainly been overweight though!
So last week I joined Slimming world I have friends that it has really worked for so I thought I would give it a go.

My target weight is 10st.7lb so I need to lose nearly 3 stone!

My first week was the introduction and picking up my books, getting to terms with the synns etc....right I was ready and raring to go.

The first week went really well, it came to Tuesday and my weigh-in was 5pm. I saw my scales in the kitchen oooooh should I cheekily weigh myself before tonight? I couldn't fight the urge so I nervously stepped on them.... -7lb!!!! my goodness, I was on cloud nine!!! I planned my little treat tea of curry and chips for after weigh in I did deserve it after that!.....i started dreaming of curry and chips, and garlic bread with lashings of cheese on! my god would I enjoy it!!

Off I skipped to weigh in.........................I stepped on the scales -1 lb!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!????

I'm still not sure how this was possible, I was devastated my eyes was filled with tears as the consultant was going around everyone with 2lb+ losses, she was getting to me, what would I say? I did everything right didn't I?
(all the slimming world people will know that first weekers generally get a big loss their first week)
She couldn't understand why I hadn't lost more doing it the way I did so she took my food diary to have a look at to see if there's anything I'm doing wrong.

I drove home just in a daze really it's pretty gutting been so proud of yourself one minute then been totally disappointed the next! I then had to go into the hubby and explain it all when he asked "how did it go" I couldn't talk about it I just ate my tea (substituted the chips for rice) and went to bed!
Tomorrow is another day and a new start I'm doing the same I did last week and we'll see how we get on next weigh-in.

Wish me luck and I'll check in again next week.

Thanks for reading.