So turns out my Aunt flo's a nasty bitch! all my years of having my Aunt Flo visit me I have never ever felt like I did this month!!!!

I realized how much of a nasty bitch she can really be! When I saw her true colours I was shocked and very emotional! how could this be? she has been visiting me every month since I was a spotty 14yr old and I have never had a problem with her and vice versa......But somethings happened, something's changed and now I think she must hate me!!

This week Aunt Flo visited me every day for 8 days and she has constantly been breathing down my neck I have been an emotional wreck, I felt like someone had done a massive run up and kicked me head on in the ovaries.............whilst wearing steel toe cap boots!!

She made me have an enormous urge for chocolate and cake, an urge that would make me tear the cupboards apart looking for some, THERE MUST BE SOME IN THE HOUSE SOMEWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

No chocolate so the full pack of biscuits with a strong cup of tea will have to do!

The husband doesn't understand and if he makes another "moody" comment I may just have to kindly grab him by his balls and show him the true meaning of PMT!!

She made me cry every day over the littlest things! and I mean the "littlest things" I found myself
crying into my pillow at night just because I didn't get time to do the ironing!!

Crying because I had to shout at little J to put his trainers on for the 6th time! and now I feel like the nastiest mummy in the world!

Crying because I couldn't juggle a shitty nappy, a crying little A and a five-year-old whose kicking the door because he couldn't have another marshmallow! I feel like a failure!

Crying because iv snapped at my husband god knows how many times.....but why doesn't he put the washing in the basket!!!

I have never felt so down and angry in all my life!! Then after the eighth day she packed her bags and left!

I feel like a new woman!!

I do wonder why she has become so nasty though!! has anyone else noticed this about their aunt Flo after their pregnancies?

I'm very grateful for her coming to stay though as if she didn't then............................................

Thanks for reading.




  1. I anxiously await her arrival every month because as you said if she didn't come... Im a total bitch the week before the week of and the week after she's been to stay so that leaves a whole week of not feeling like I wanna suckered punch the other half in the balls 😂 good read xx

  2. Haha yes its always the other half that gets it in our house!! Sometimes I get the urge to actually harm him!! :)

  3. Hey guys, last weeks school pudding which was chocolate concrete with pink custard was a huge hit, you can read that and buy cheap essay here if you missed it. And yes its always the other half that gets it in our house!! Sometimes I get the urge to actually harm him!!


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