How i book my Disneyworld holiday.

Everyone knows someone that has been to Disneyworld and I believe EVERYONE should experience it. My friends have just returned from Disneyland Paris and before they went they didn't have much of an interest in Disney but with having a young boy decided to take the plunge..........They have come back disneyfied and cannot wait to come with us to Orlando next time!

I know, I know not everybody has an interest in going (i can't understand it and i think you are crrraazy!!) but for the majority of people that want to visit yet don't, the main reason is....COST!

If your what I call "The travel agent booker" you will just nip into your closest travel agents, sit in the nice cosy chairs and be robbed of all your hard earned cash! I know people that have been quoted 2k+ more for the exact same holiday just by going into the shop! This puts a lot of people off as word gets around what people pay and it soon becomes known as a very, very expensive holiday destination.

So I decided to put together a few things that I do to make it possible for us to go, I'm in no way a holiday booking genius but when it comes to booking a Disney World holiday me and my sister have done it quite a lot! So let's do this and hopefully at the end of this post you will be a little bit more confident about the cost of a WDW holiday and that it can be done on a budget.

First off I always...turn on my laptop, grab a pen and paper and the phone and stay there all day! Then when I'm ready we....

Book our flights. I will just get this out of the way..........I book school term dates! there I said it! I'm sure the perfect parent brigade will want to burn me alive but hey I won't go into the reasons why I do this I just do!
We usually book September dates but will always go the cheapest! and I will fly with the cheapest company, yes I would love to fly first class and on the earliest flight yadda yadda but as long as it gets us all there safe I'm good, the £300/400 saving will go on our hire car etc! We usually book Thomas cook flights as the last two times we have been we haven't been able to beat their quotes. And i must say we have really enjoyed flying with them! The seat pitch is great and me been 5ft 9 and the hubby 6ft 4 it really was a pleasant surprise, especially as I was ready to cut the hubby's legs off so I could book the cheaper deal! Thomas cook are showing flights from Manchester to Orlando for September 2017, two weeks - Flights and hotel £880! you can check this out Here

Choose and book accommodation.
People like to stay in all different types of accommodation but our favorite is a villa! (staying in a hotel room with two children for two weeks is my idea of hell) of course if it saved a good amount of ££ I would do it but I always go for the villa first, I love the home from home feel, the swimming pool all to ourselves, the games room and the fact there's  no one staying above of below you making lots of noise! A hotel will usually be the cheapest option but if you're going as a group and are planning on splitting the cost then a villa will be very cheap. When we were married in Orlando in 2010 the villa was £900 but it was split 4 ways so actually only cost £225! for two weeks! Check out the site we have always used here

 You can get budget hotels on sites like Trivago and and these are very reasonable prices! Prices are starting on Trivago at the minute start from £334 for a Double room for two weeks.

Or if your budget stretches a little there's always staying on site at DisneyWorld! We would love to do this at some point but the cost always makes me think how we could have more spending money or it helping towards the park tickets etc.

Car hire
 Lots of companies do something called a "fly drive" this is a price for the flight and a car, we have done this a few times but now we book the flight and go with Alamo Brits for the car hire, again it would be whoever was cheapest but it usually is Alamo and by visiting Alamo Brits you get an extra 10% off your booking and paid in pounds. Septemeber 2017 price is roughly £270 for two weeks.
check this out here

Park tickets
Everyone you talk to will have different opinions on this as there are so many different types of tickets for different parks, The main is Disneyworld but then a lot of people (me included) like to visit Universal studios, Seaworld, Discovery cove, Busch Gardens and Legoland! We look for the cheapest option again and usually find Attraction tickets direct pretty much the cheapest and if they're not they'll match the quote you have been given!
BUT if you're a first timer then i strongly advise getting just Disney and maybe one other theme park ticket, Disneyworld has six parks and they are huge!! I have been six times and still have rides that i haven't been on yet! 2 weeks isn't a lot of time at all to do everything so really plan before you book tickets and see how much time you actually have, do you plan on a shopping day? or a day at the beach? You can check out the park prices Here

So that's covered the basics, whatever price I get first I'll then ring another airline/car company/ticket office, to try and beat that first quote. I sit with my pen and paper and do this for a good few hours.

My main tip is always "do it yourself" I know it's easy to just walk into the travel agents and just let them do the work but where's the fun in that? I love finding deals and not stopping until I'm amazed at the price and believe me its out there, you just have to find it! blood, sweat and tears and then you'll stumble across it!

If anyone's reading this that wants to go and have an amazing holiday then just do it! life's too short and I really believe everyone should experience the "Magic" drop me a dm if anyone has any questions etc. and thanks for reading....

All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust...............