Im officially Disney Depressed!

If you know me then you will know how obsessed I am with Disneyworld! Now it really is the most magical place on earth also ruins EVERYTHING!

Once you have been right in the middle of the magic, seeing the parades, watching the shows, meeting charecters (yes real charecters, some people think their people in outfits!) Normal life just starts to suck! you can never stand and watch a firework display once you have been to Disney and be satisfied at the end of it!

Well, I can't anyway!.....

I love my holidays and I have travelled to a few places, Amsterdam, Bruges, Bangkok, Kho Samui, Spain, Paris, Greece and have loved them all, but I always want to go back to that place that has my heart....Orlando!! Now a lot of people think I'm sad and should want to travel somewhere else, this doesn't bother me! I know what kind of holiday I'm going to have in Orlando and I know my family are going to have an amazing time that they will remember forever! I'm just not the type of person that likes to sit around a pool all day, Orlando is 100% a knackering holiday and I LOVE IT!!

I first went to Disneyworld in 2001 when I was 15 (our very first holiday abroad!) My brother was working there so he could supply us with our park tickets and all we needed to do was book our flight, car and accommodation. My sister sold her car so they could get their funds! and we were off!  we were due to fly out on September 12th but of course, 9.11 happened and all of our trip was cancelled due to natural disasters!!? nothing about 9.11 was natural!! so we were turned away at the airport and told to go back home......We rebooked for October and away we went!!

From the minute we set foot in the Magic Kingdom love!!!! That rush I get when I step on the ferry and sail across towards the castle is unexplainable!! I think my husband thinks I'm a little crazy!  We all absolutely loved it and decided to go again 2 years later with my mum and dad, my dad was that taken back he cried!!!!
It started been a regular holiday for us every two years and then I met my hubby and told him he HAD to come with us, he did and also got the bug...............We decided that it was the place we wanted to get married so in 2010 that's what we did, only to make it extra special and a bit different we booked ourselves on the Disney Cruise!! ooooooooooooo my god.....this was spectacular! (we had also done the cruise 2 years before too)

Then came along our first little bundle and as soon as he got his own little personality I wanted to take him to Disney and share those special memories with him! We waited till he was three which we thought was a good idea for the plane journey etc, he was a little young to deal with the heat, but he handled it ok all in all. It was a totally different experience seeing my boy run up to buzz light year and give him the biggest heart exploded!!

That was our last journey in 2014! We had our second baby last year in 2015 and she has just turned one, we say we would like to wait till she is 3/4 till we take her but that means waiting another 2 years at least!!.......I just don't know if I can do this!!

The other day I had taken the hubby to work at it was one of them dark/getting light kind of mornings and I got all choked up because it felt it did on the morning when we go to the airport, Its coming into Winter now too so the smell of cinnamon makes me think of The bakery down main street and the massive cinnamon rolls! Whenever I see fireworks I think of "wishes" Every time I go to an all you can eat buffet I'm thinking of mickey waffles!

AAArrrgggghhhh Disney world follows me everywhere!!

I think if I had one booked then at least I have It to look forward too! I know we will be going back but its knowing I have to wait!

My names Kerry and I'm Disneydepressed...............I am a Disney freak!!

What do other Disney freaks do to pass the time between trips?

What do you think the best age is for children?

I Would love to hear your answers.

Thanks for reading

One Hull of a Dad


  1. Yes you will have to wait. You can buy Beauty and the beast on DVD to tide you over. #oldschoolposts

    1. Hmmmm we'll see!! I'll save up and go without you!

  2. Yes you will have to wait. You can buy Beauty and the beast on DVD to tide you over. #oldschoolposts

  3. I've never been but it's on the wish list for the kids. Won't be doing a 10 hour flight with Bella anytime soon though. 4 hours to Tenerife felt like a lifetime

  4. I've never been and honestly? Never wanted to although this post makes it sound like the most magical place on earth! shame im petrefied of planes! #oldschoolposts

  5. I've never been but I want to go so badly! My eldest is disney obsessed and would be so in awe of it all! x

  6. Our boys aren't that obsessed with Disney. Sure they like their cars, toy story etc. But they are just as happy spending time with us and their Aunty & Uncle then they are going to a theme park. We've been to magic kingdom once. However we have been to SeaWorld twice now. Also been to Universal Studios and even that was great it was far too overpriced for what it was. Maybe they'll get the bug when they are a little bit older? Or could it be that we have two boys that is the deciding factor here?? I don't know. 😂

  7. I'm not much of a Disney fan. Sorry, please don't hate me. #oldschoolposts

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