Saturday, October 8, 2016

Mother and child parking bays?

Today I read that Tesco supermarkets are starting to fine people £70 for parking in parent and child/disabled spaces....Now the Disabled one I'm all for, Parent and child? I'm not so sure of, so I clicked on to a link that was on Facebook to read some more and I was shocked to see the comments!

Some of the comments I read said that Disabled people should be fined for parking in parent and child spaces!!! Not only are "blue badge" holders allowed to park in child spaces if the disabled ones are full up, but are some parents really that petty to have an attitude problem towards a DISABLED person taking up a spot which they need!! I'm pretty sure a person with a disability needing a wheelchair would love to be able to walk from the other end of the car park and not have to rely on spaces that are at the front of the store and be disabled! I know disabled children don't always get a blue badge in some cities and this does need to change I feel.


We choose to have children....Disabled people don't choose to have a disability!

Now I'm a mother to two as you will know if you read my blog, and yes parent and child spaces can be very handy but do I rely on them to do my shopping/go out??? no, of course, I don't! Would I be mad if a disabled person was parked in one so they could be close to the store their shopping in? no of course not!

Another comment read that there should be a lot more parent and child spaces so they don't have to park in "normal" spaces.


Yes it's amazing how the spaces are bigger so the doors can swing open wider, but what about people that are taking their older parents shopping and they need more room to get in and out of the car? do they have the same right to be in these bays? Yes it's amazing how close to the store you can get so you don't have to walk as far, Again what about older people or unfit people that can't walk very far but arnt "disabled" come on everyone would like to be parked easier and closer! It's 2016 and we are spoilt!! totally and utterly spoilt. We can even get on a bus with children in prams and not unfold them!! yet some parents still bitch and moan about that!! will we ever be happy!!? People with cars should feel grateful that they are lucky enough to have a car to do their shopping in! My sister tells me stories of her doing the weekly shop on the bus with two small children and a pram under her arm!!

There was no such thing as parent and child bays years ago people just parked in a space and "walked" If I go shopping 9 times out of 10 I park in a normal bay if it's a tight squeeze and I see it may be a bit tight getting little A out then I just go find another! ooh my what an inconvenience that must be for me!

It's just made me a little mad with the things people just "expect"...Do these people not watch the news and see everything that's going on around them? it's a PARKING SPACE!!

Is your child happy and healthy?
Are they loved and safe?
Do you all share a "home"?

How important is that parent and child parking bay....really!?

That's my rant over with today I just needed to write it down.

Thanks for reading.



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