Ten things not to say to a mum.

1- How old is he.... wow isn't he big!

I hated this I had it on a daily basis from the tuts I used to get giving my ONE-year-old a dummy to the mucky looks for my Two year old wearing a nappy.
People thought he was a lot older My little boy has always been tall he has just turned five and is in 7-8 clothes and in a size 1 shoe! His first shoes when he was 11 months old was a size 7!! He missed the cutesy, comfy cruisers stage and we were directed to the "big boy" section. The next few weeks was full of scratched knees from him tripping up everywhere he went!

2- Is he not walking yet?

No......no he is not! Just because "most" babies walk around 12/14 months old doesn't mean EVERY baby walks at 12/14 months old!

3- Breast is best!

Yes we all know that breast milk is indeed "best", and of course milk from the baby's mother is better for them than a cow! BUT...its not always the RIGHT way. Just because breast works for some mothers it doesn't mean it works for others and just because a baby is drinking formula doesn't mean the mother hasn't tried breast feeding! Feeding is best whichever way!

4- When are you having another one?

This is generally asked when you have a newborn!! I think some people are actually crazy! When I was in recovery on the maternity ward after having my little boy, less than 6 hours after giving birth I had a contraception nurse asking if she could have a word with me!! I obviously told her where to go!!

5- You look tired

Yes I have two children so I am tired....very tired, I also know I look like shit because of this, so I don't need telling from someone that I do indeed look like shit!

6- Sleep when the baby sleeps!

Yes because my baby sleeps in his cot throughout the day for his naps.....No... he sleeps on the bus, in the shopping trolley, and In his car seat whilst I'M driving! Also if I was to do that then when the baby is awake and crawling around everywhere that's when I should do the ironing, washing, cooking and cleaning!? hmmmmm I can see that working out!

7- you're making a rod for your own back!

I first had this when I was shopping in the local supermarket and my little boy was screaming uncontrollably, I took him out of his pram to soothe him and give him a cuddle to calm him down. "oooo you're making a rod for your own back there!"
Yes ok I will just leave my little one screaming all the way round whilst I think in my scrambled head what to do for tea! which the baby boy won't be eating as he will be asleep from all the screaming fits he's just had! Just because I have taken him out to "settle" him this doesn't mean in the future as soon as I walk through the supermarket doors I will take him out of his pram.

8- He's going to be a little heartbreaker.

Just because my little boy is beautiful this doesn't mean that he'll grow up to be a cheater! plus he's 5 years old, how weird is it thinking about him in relationships!!

9- You don't work? what do you do?

Nope, I don't work, I sit at home all day long feet up with continuous cups of tea, Jeremy kyle on loop and a massive packet of biscuits!
Been a mummy is more than a full-time job, it's a never ending job. No holidays, sick days or even a dinner hour!! I work through the night and my alarm clock doesn't need to be set because its guaranteed that the baby wont sleep in past 6am!

10- (people with no children) wow I'm exhausted.

I'm not saying people without children cant be tired, but there's a massive difference between been tired because you was laid in bed all night and couldn't get to sleep to been up seeing to children all night! little one been sick at 11, 12.20 needing another feed, 1-2 getting up because he/she cant find dummy then 3/4 big boys had a nightmare and theirs monsters under his bed....6am wake up call!

Thanks for reading.