30 Day challenge, day 1.

Hi guys, welcome to day one of my 30-day blogging challenge! Thanks to the hubby for nominating me! check out his blog here.

 I must be mental! I'm not sure how I'm going to find the time to sit and blog Every day, whilst looking after my two very hyperactive children and keeping on top of cleaning up the shit tip.. aka our home! but hey it's good to challenge myself every now and again ey and who knows I may find that I could actually give myself a few more mummy minutes in the day! (yes I think I may have taken to many pills this morning!)

So the first subject on the 30-day challenge  is to post a recent picture of myself (which will be hard as I HATE photos!) and then list 15 things about me.

Here goes....

This was taken in August this year at Legoland, it's funny how the kids love getting their photograph taken and they're looking away yet me who hates it is all smiles and poses!

So here's my 15 things about me...

1- I'm a mummy to two beautiful children.

2- I got married in 2010 in Florida, Orlando

3- Iv rode an Elephant and held a tiger.

4- I have a phobia of things with holes in, pigeons and ladybirds!

5- When I was pregnant with Joseph I had a craving for eating pavement chalk! I would go through loads of the green pieces!

6- I can play two musical instruments, The piano, and the Tenor horn.

7- I attend a Spiritualists church whenever I can go.

8- I have two brothers, one sister, four nephews and two nieces.

9- I am Disney obsessed! I would have named Joseph Mickey if the hubby would have agreed!! I am currently writing this blog whilst toy story is on and the children are in bed!!

10- I had my own cake business a few years ago and still love to make cakes.

11- I have a father that has gone viral!! He was involved in a Christmas video prank that had over 29million views!!

12- It is one of my dreams to travel to New York (preferably at Christmas time)

13- I suffered from Hyperemesis gravidarum when I was carrying Alice. (the worst 9 months of my life and it put me of having any other children!)

14- My favourite Disney film is Beauty and the beast, what's yours?

15- Wow I'm really not that interesting.............

Thanks for reading. Don't forget to follow my blog and check in tomorrow to read day 2.