Am i a bad mum this christmas?

Now I'll start this post off by telling you how much I ruddy love Christmas, it is my favourite time of the year, the weather outside, the coziness, the family time, the baking, and sitting in our jimmy's with the tree lit up from the corner!! LOVE IT!!

We have our little boy who is 5 and he has a list to Santa as long as his arm with expensive presents!! He's into Lego this year and we all know how overpriced that is!! We have told him he may not get everything on his list as the elves may not be able to make it all in time, and that other boys and girls need to get nice gifts too, but he knows Santa will try and bring him his "main" presents! Of course give a child a pen and paper and tell them to write what they want there gonna go crazy with it.

We won't be getting him everything on the list as of course, we aren't made of money, not only that he doesn't "need" it. He's asked for new Lego yet he has 3 unopened boxes in his bedroom that he hasn't got round to building yet! (I bet I could get away with rewrapping them!!) hmmm mmmm.

Now our other little one is only 1 so she obviously cant write her long list just yet (thank god!) We wanted to get her a pram as she has just started walking. I was on the internet one night looking at the old style ones seen as though nowadays children's prams look exactly like the ones there pushed about in themselves!! I came across an Early learning center one, great ill get that..................Then I was snooping through facebook in bed (like you do) and I found someone was selling the exact one for £5, of course, it was second hand but there wasn't a single mark on it. I messaged her and agreed to pick it up the next day.
That night I was in bed and the rusty cogs started turning. What was I doing buying second hand for Christmas presents? Am I a bad mum even thinking this? Does this make me cheap, tight? Will people think I love my son more because he's having new?

Then I thought....I DONT CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK! My girl is still getting a lovely little present to open and play with. Some children will be waking up Christmas morning with nothing to eat and no presents to open!
It's the exact pram £20 cheaper only difference is that the one I'm buying has been played with a handful of times! She is 1 year old she doesn't even know what Christmas is, she's happy with a cardboard box and pans with a wooden spoon! yes, she has a box full of toys but this is what she plays with! So I bought it. I'm also looking at a few other "Second hand" things now for her, she will get a few new outfits etc for Christmas and a few new "bathtime" toys but that's about it, She is totally unaware of what Christmas is so why waste money on remote control drive in cars and silver cross prams with real life "crying" dolls in when she is happy with a cardboard box and a spoon??
Next year will be a little different but for this year she is clueless.
What do you buy your young babies/children?

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  1. I've done the exact same thing this year. I bought the starter sylvanian families cottage and 11 figures for £12 and have put it away for Christmas. It is so expensive and half the time the most expensive toys don't get played with.

  2. Yes this is what I said to the hubby, they take it out the box and play with that instead! Their children and are happy with anything they can play with.


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