Blogging challenge day 2.

Hi guys so I successfully sat and wrote day one yesterday and now here we are on day 2! If you missed day 1 you can read it here

Todays subject is "The meaning behind my name" it wont be a long one. My ironing pile is overflowing and screaming my name but bloggers must!

Baby having nap time, hot chocolate sorted and away we go!

My blog name is "For us to look back on"

I started my blog in July 2016. Now I know its a bit of a mouth full but its exactly what it says on the tin!

For us to look back on.

I was sat thinking one night and I have two beautiful children and I realized we have hardly any photographs on the walls and no video's to look back on of our family life.  My brother always had a camcorder in his hand when we was growing up so we have hours and hours and HOURS of footage from all the Christmas's, birthdays, school plays etc and they really are amazing to sit and watch back.

So I decided to buy a camcorder and start videoing our little days out and family holidays, I have thousands of photographs but just not had the time to have them printed out so that's next on our to-do list. The way our lives are surrounded with social media its easier now to lock in memories then it has ever been!

This is also why I started this blog, its my own little mummy space so I can sit down and just spend some time alone writing about our life, and then who knows in a few years time the kiddies might actually be interested and want to read them.

So that's what my name means, exactly what it says.

memories are the most precious things we can have and if  photographs, videos and words help remember, then I'm going to try my hardest at leaving my children all the memories I can!

Thanks for ready, come along tomorrow and check out day 3.