Blogging challenge day 4.

Welcome to day 4 of the 30 day blogging challenge! up to now I'm managing pretty well, I seem to be balancing mummy life, dirty nappies, homework and time to blog nicely on one hand!!

Now the topic today is a picture of somewhere I have been. Yes if you are a regular reader of my blog or you know me personally then you will probably know where this picture will have been taken!!

This is one of my favourite pictures of me and the husband (probably because you can only see the back of my head!) It was taken in 2010 on our mini honeymoon trip to the Bahamas on the Disney wonder! We got married in Orlando and then a couple of days later in between our 2 week holiday we had a 3 day trip on the Wonder. It really was breath taking, this was on Disney's own island called Castaway cay. The sea was crystal and we was the only people on the adult beach! It would seem everyone on the cruise had children ( you know people think Disney is for children, I personally think its just as much for us adults!) 

The weather, the relaxation and the just perfect!!

Hopefully next time we go to Disneyworld we'll be able to take our children and share these moments with them and make new amazing memories.

Have you been on a Disney cruise?

Thanks for reading