Day 10 blog challenge.

Welcome to day 10 and today's subject is "my 5 pet peeves"

Wow, where do I start!!?

In at number 5 is slow drivers!

Why can't some people do the speed limit! I don't get annoyed because I want to speed, I get annoyed because I like to do the speed limit. and seeing the car in front doing 18/21 mph in a 30 zone infuriates me!!

In at number 4 is lateness.

Grrrrr this one is annoying, I hate it when people are late! we all have busy lives and we all have commitments that sometimes makes it hard to be on time but they should be planned around! I'm not saying I have never been late especially for school when the baby decides to poop on the way out! but when this happens ill walk faster, jog if I have to. I always try my hardest to be somewhere early so that I'm never late!

In at number 3 are people that smoke and blow it in your path!

I get that people smoke, what I don't get is why they have to blow it behind them so the people walking directly behind get a lovely intake of dirty, stinking smoke in their faces!! please just try and blow it downwards or just swallow it!! surely if your blowing it back out your not actually smoking it!? Don't get me started on the e-cigs!! just because it tastes like cherry does not make this problem any better!

In at number 2 is ignorant people

Seriously did your mothers ever tell you that manners don't cost a thing!? It seems the city I live in has gotten worse! people not holding doors for the person behind them, or when you do open a door they just walk past, without a thank you! don't worry love I'm here to just open doors for everyone!!

People not queuing.....Now the British que. I have been to a few places around the world where this is not the case, people just don't do it, it's every man for himself when the train arrives etc. It would seem like the U.K is getting like every other country! Waiting for a bus used to get to the stop and form a line, now its stand at the stop and all go for the doors when they open and charge!!!! never mind about the wheelchairs and the prams lets stamp all over them too, I mean there's 8 people ramming themselves on a 56 empty seater bus!!

So my number 1 pet peeve is........noisy eaters!

wow, I can't put into words how much this annoys me, I could literally break my teeth because I'm grinding them down that hard when sat next to someone crunching/chewing/gulping!!
My heart feels like its going to beat out of my chest and explode!! I mean really why do people need to crunch so loud, you get so much more flavour when you suck!! Even worse is when people bite down on crisps before there in their mouths!! Grrrrrrrrrr.

That's my top five, I could of easily of done a list of 100, I never thought I was an angry person but hey maybe I am!

Thanks for reading.