Day 12 of my blogging challenge.

Welcome to day 12, today's subject is "somewhere I would like to move to or visit"

Now I love to day dream and it is my dream to move to Orlando and open up a little Alice in Wonderland style cake shop. Grass on the ceilings with upside down trees hanging down and the sky as the floor, big toadstool mushrooms as tables and chairs and teapots, cups and saucers everywhere! cakes galore with "eat me" tickets attached. Kerry.....Kerry......KERRY!!!....Oops sorry, I got carried away there, See I day dream ALOT!

So I would have my own cake shop business out there and a villa with a pool for the children, they would come home from school and we'd all take a dip whilst the bbq is on the go by the side, and we'd just spend quality time as a family.

Our days off we would be able to spend them at the beach or going shopping and not have to worry about always having a spare coat/gloves and an umbrella in the boot of the car!

And of course, Disney world!!

Did I mention having my own cake shop? hmmmmmm or I could apply to work in "the happiest place on earth" see there's options right there!

My brother worked in Epcot for a year and I am so jealous of all his memories and stories he has to tell!

So that's where I would like to move to, Orlando. Where The roads are easier to drive on, the food choices are crazy! Wherever you live there's a restaurant in your backyard, they're countless things for the children to do when they grow up and start socializing with friends, you're down the road from some beautiful beaches, and a holiday breakaway would be a weekend on the Disney dream sunning it up in the Bhamamas!!


Thanks for reading.




  1. I love the look of Orlando,the weather, the lifestyle and the houses are amazing. I can imagine your lovely little cake shop ��

  2. Aww it really is amazing!! Beats this British weather!! Yes I can see if now but unfortunately without a lotto win it is just a day dream!! :)


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