Day 13 of my blog challenge, my fave tv shows!

Welcome to day 13, nearly half way through. I have really enjoyed this but it's also been tricky finding the time to sit and blog, it's a little like Iv had to do it because I started it and I can't have the odd day missing, even though all I want to do when the kids are in bed is drink myself into an oblivion and then sleep!! its all been eat sleep blog repeat!

Today's post is all about my favourite T.V shows. Now I do have a fair few as I love to wind down by sinking into a good boxset with a cheeky glass of vino (nope I don't have a problem with wine, I love it!)

My favourite at the moment is The Blacklist.

OOoo, my god, I love it! Raymond Reddington is one of the coolest men on the planet, I'm not sure how he does it but he makes an old, grey, balding man the sexiest thing on the planet!

It's an American crime thriller about an ex-navy officer turned high-profile criminal (Raymond Reddington) and it starts with him turning himself into the FBI wanting to exchange a list of the master criminals he's met along the way for his immunity. He states from the beginning that he will only work/speak with one of the Female agents, agent Keen whom he is VERY protective over, from day one there is a relationship between them and only he knows how close to him she really is! I'm throwing it out there that she's his daughter but I think that's a little obvious so who knows how it will all come to a head!!

I have too many others to mention. I love a good sitting of Sex and the city, wow. Girl power!
But then I'm also a major nerd and love The arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Gotham!!

For something a little different me and the hubby love to sit and watch the funnies, League of their own, Celebrity juice and 8 out of 10 cats are our favourites. I know if any of them are on the telly I'll get a good half an hour of laughing which is a good feeling, having a good laugh!!

Of course, I love the seasonal shows like I'm a celeb, Strictly come dancing, x factor and all the usual Saturday nighters, I do have to record them though as the hubby refuses to watch them with me!! little does he know that that's all good because I love watching television on my own without his Darf Vader breathing in my ear!!

Thanks for reading.