Day 14 my favourite movie.

Welcome to day 14, wow this blogging everyday lark is bloody hard work!! 10pm and ironings done, washings done, kids bathed and all tucked up in bed, house (aka THE SKIP) is tidied and now.......a relaxing bath....nope BLOG!

Today's subject is "my favourite movie"

Now I love a good date with the hubby to the cinema but it doesn't happen that often these days, but I'm all for a movie on the sofa (this also doesn't happen very often now the kiddies have invaded our lives!)

Film on and a nice tub of Ben and Jerrys and a full GIANT share bag of cheesy Doritos!!

My Favourite Film is-


What woman/girl hasn't seen this bad boy of a film!? its just amazing, and we all love that scene where Patrick Swayze jumps of the stage all hot and sweaty in his tight black t-shirt!! ok ladies go take a cool shower!!

"I carried a watermelon"
"Nobody puts baby in the corner"

Just hearing those sentences makes me want to rush home, climb into my oversized onesie. (yes, I own a onesie if you'r a mother and you don't have one then what is wrong with you!? you're really missing out!!) crack the ice cream open, pop on the DVD, smell it first, though!!(yes its the watermelon scented one!) and crawl my fat arse into bed! ah bliss!!

I would love to snuggle up on the sofa with the hubs to watch it but he refuses to! yes, ladies he has NEVER seen Dirty Dancing! Ill always remember Cineworld showing it as a Valentines special a few years ago and me been soo excited to see it on the big screen, he said he would take me....ooooh my god yes, yes, yes!! I couldn't wait. THEN he left booking it so last minute the showing just so happened to be sold out!! hmm, coincidence!!??

Well, now iv just sat and wrote about I'm going to go get a bath and get my oversized onesie out then I'm going to curl up in bed with Patrick Swayze!!

What are your favourite movies?

Has your husband seen Dirty Dancing?

I would love to hear your comments, and who knows maybe if the hubby see's that other men have seen it I may be able to drag him into bed to enjoy It with me :) (the DVD of course!!)

Thanks for reading.