Day 15 of my blog challenge.

Welcome to day 15, we are now half way through!!

Today's post is "Someone I would like to spend 15 minutes with and why"

Iv got to be honest I get pretty star struck with anyone that's been on the tele however famous they are!! jeez id even wet my pants if I stumbled upon Youtube stars like Alfie deyes or Zoella! I once saw Michael la vell (Kevin Webster) in Orlando and I couldn't speak!!

So meeting anyone famous would make me a little awkward and I don't like feeling awkward!

After a pretty shitty week (literally, with a bug in the house!) I'm feeling a little off, can't quite put my finger on it but just groggy, exhausted, ugly, chubby and drained!

So my 15 minutes would be with Gok Wan! (followed by the biggest bubble bath after a shopping spree in lush!)

yep, I would have a big makeover, and some fashion/beauty tips from gthe Queen himself! Now I have never been one for fashion but I do try, although the most daring I go is skinny jeans and jumpers and there about 2 years old some of them!! I get my hair cut/coloured about once a year if that, I can't remember the last time I did anything with it apart from sticking it up in my mummy bun! I hate going into a salon, there is nothing worse than sat in front of a huge mirror staring at yourself for an hour whilst making awkward conversation with the person cutting it.

"Are you going on holiday this year?" Just instantly makes me cringe and shudder!! So if he could come to my house and just do it without a mirror that would be lovely thank you!

Sometimes I just feel like I need a little T.L.C you know, baby talk, sleepless nights, poop, sick and tantrums can just get a little on top of you some days. I also know how lucky I am to have two beautiful children but that doesn't stop it been bloody hard work and hey I'm allowed to moan from time to time!!

Who would you like to spend 15 minutes with and why?

Thanks for reading.