Day 16 of my Blogging Challenge.

Welcome to Day 16, over half way there!

Today's subject is "Do you have a Smartphone"

Sorry, a what??

Now I am not down with the latest gadgets and I'm not in the least bit materialistic! I know some people that want/need the latest phone/car I just can't understand it but hey each to their own.

Now according to the hubby, I do actually have a "smart phone" so this must mean I'm cool right??

It's nothing flash in fact quite the opposite it's a Samsung Galaxy s3 with a broken back and a smashed up screen! but it's the most indestructible phone I have ever had! I once left it on the roof of my car whilst I got the children in their seats, forgot it and drove off with it on the roof! it flew off the car into the middle of a very busy roundabout where buses and cars repeatedly ran over it!! I picked it up in three separate pieces and stupidly tried to turn it on.................AND IT WORKED!!!!

It's been in this state now for a year and I really need to get a new phone but it works!, I can call, text, take photos/videos and use social media on it. What more do I need? Maybe one without a smashed up screen but hey we'll see what the big guy in red brings me!

Thanks for reading.