My day as a Mummy

 Today's post challenge is to write a bullet point of my day!

Trust me its not that interesting but today happened to be one of those "parenting from hell" kind of days, you know the ones were you cant even remember the names of your children, the ones that turn you into a blubbering mess when the little devils are eventually tucked up sleeping like angels in their beds!

Here is my day!

Alice hasn't been very well, So this day started very early!

- Alice wakes at 1.10am crying (not sure what for) goes back over 10 minutes later.
-Alice wakes again at 1.40, has a little bit of milk and goes back over.
- Another wake-up call at 3 then 4.20 and 5.10am, just crying and whinging.
- Wakes up shouting "hiya" at 6.50!! My eyes feel like someone's pissed in them!!

PLEASE GO TO SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!

- I get up with her at 7am, give her breakfast and suddenly I can smell it!! We have our first nappy explosion! I'm not sure if its just me or its a parenting thing, but I can tell by the smell what type of mess is going to greet me and my money was on this one been an "up the backer"
-Joseph wakes at 7.20
- I have a wedding cake to do this weekend so whilst kids are playing I start this at 8am (I still haven't grabbed any breakfast yet!
- Cakes all baked and iced 4 hours later its 12pm still no breakfast!
- Alice faceplants the floor and has a little nose bleed!
- I can smell it again!! yup this time it was a "hair do" nappy. For parents that are not sure what this is, it's an "up the backer" that spreads further up and into the hair!!
- Drop Alice into a warm bubble bath and give her a good scrub! (I didn't actually drop her btw)

- Josephs getting jealous from the time I'm having to spend with his sister.


- Kids have their dinner and it's 1pm I still have cake boards to cover and stack!
- I play a game of musical statues with Joseph, it's amazing what you can do with a sky remote and MTV!
- 2pm back in the kitchen on with the cakes whilst Alice finally gives in for an afternoon nap.


- Sniff, sniff, I take a look at Alice in her pram and I can see the yellow staining getting bigger on her trousers!!! yup a "leaker"

- Change Alice and put her back to sleep.
- Josephs got some time on his tablet and the Hubby's work uniform and Josephs school bits need ironing so away I go.
-Need to cover the three cakes with icing but I run out on the last one, so have to continue it in the morning.


- Hubby's due home in 30 minutes so start his tea whilst tidying all the cake mess out.

I FINALLY GET MY BREAKFAST AT 5.20PM!!!! I like to call this my teafest

- Give kids their tea and then give Joseph his bath, read him a story and put him to bed.

Then I have a great idea ill get a bath now at 6.45 then by the time I'm out of it Alice will be asleep and I can relax in front of the tele, xfactor and strictly come dancing!

Yea that didn't happen!!

- put Alice to bed at 8.20 and sat with her till she finally gives in at 10pm!!



Thanks for reading.




  1. Eurgh these days are a nightmare! I feel your pain, I truly do!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.


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