Day 19 of the 30 day blog challenge.

Welcome to do 19, its has been really hard to find time to write this! but hey your reading it so I must have finished it!

Today's subject is "my thoughts on religion" ( I will make this short as its not everyone's favourite subject!)

This is a toughie as to be 100% honest I'm not quite sure what it is myself.

I would like to think I am a spiritualist, I believe in "life after death" (Even though death is my worst fear!) I believe we are energy and it's true that you can't burn energy so when we die where does all our energy go??
I think it gives me a little peace to also think that when our loved ones are gone that it isn't just lights out for them but there's something/someone else waiting for them. I have had a few experiences that make me believe in what I do and I respect everyone's view on any of their beliefs.

I don't believe in god been a "person" just more of a higher being or maybe some sort of energy. I certainly don't believe that his son was born in a stable! I do pray when I feel like I need to, to what? I'm not sure I guess I'm just putting it out there somewhere and hoping someone/something is listening.

My little boy talks about "god" but it's things he learns at school not what I talk to him about, he knows from me that when someone we love dies they go to heaven, and I hope when we have to cross that awful bridge it gives him some sort of comfort.

So that's my thoughts on religion.

I'm spiritual, no I'm not a hippy!

Thanks for reading.