Day 21, my guilty pleasure.

Welcome to day 21!! eeeeeek only 9 more days till my 30 day blog challenge is over!!

Today's post is "My guilty pleasure"

My names Kerry I need help! I binge on chocolate and biscuits!!

Now I love chocolate I can't go a day without it...but I take it to the next level, I wait for the hubby to get a bath and that's it I move my fat arse faster than Usain Bolt and head for the sweet cupboard and pop the kettle on.

Brew made chocolate in hand I sit, chill and have a catch up on my soaps, then I finish said chocolate bar............but........I still have tea left!!!

I can't have a cup of tea without chocolate or a biscuit can I?? so I go get some biccies about 3/4 I can't just have the one can I!? Gone within a few dunks and iv got the taste!! just another two more ey....then another two and before you know it iv eaten half the packet and I'm in tears that I can't control myself!!

Same with kiddies dinners and puddings...There so much nicer then my salad!! One spoonful for them, one for me!!

I try and justify it, telling myself that iv had a stressful mummy day with the gremlins and I deserve a treat but truth is I just can't control myself!

Do any of you binge?

What's your guilty pleasure?