Day 23, A letter to my future self.

Dear Future Kerry,

First of all, I hope your ok because as a 30-year-old it makes you shit your pants with fear at how quickly your ageing so god knows how your coping at 50+

I hope your reading this on a sunny beach somewhere hot, that's also a 10-minute drive away from your villa!

I hope Joseph and Alice are happily married and have children themselves (although right now the word Granny makes me shudder!)

I hope they have found out how to keep people alive and I still have my parents!

I hope the hubby has retired with a nice big wedge of cash so we can have holidays to Orlando every year! (annual pass holder dream!)

I hope you lost that 2.5 stone and have the body of Michelle Keegan!!  (use google if you can't remember who she is!)

I hope you learned how to say NO!

Did you pay off your mortgage and move into a detached house with a drive? But before you moved please tell me you pissed on next doors car!!!?

I hope EastEnders, Yorkshire tea, and Disney are still going strong!

I hope there are now buses just for prams so that the miserable bastards who moan about people with babies/prams don't have to breathe the same air as me!! and Please tell me they have stopped saying "when we had prams" bore off!!!!!!!!

Most of all I hope I am happy and content with my life and I'm still surrounded by family.

love, smiles, laughs and cuddles

30 year old me :)