Day 24, My worst injury.

Welcome to day 24 of my 30 days blogging challenge! wow, only 6 posts left!!

Today's post is "The worst injury I have ever had"

I haven't really had a lot of injuries, I have been in a car crash were we was hit by a lorry but a bit of whiplash nothing really serious!

Now my back is another story, iv had back pain since I was around 15/16 I landed flat on my back when doing an overhead kick in football and it all started from there really, The usual back ache started and then when I had my little boy in 2011 It got a little harder and started hurting when I was doing simple things like running/walking or if I was stood up for long periods of time. It used to "go" every few months, to the point id move awkward and it would "go" I would fall to the floor and wouldn't be able to move (not good when you're a mummy to a 4-month-old!)

Then the crunch came! I had my little girl by C-section and it went to a whole new level!! As soon as I had my surgery with her it started, I couldn't lay down on my back, I couldn't lay on my side...Hell, I couldn't and can't to this day lay down without having to roll/crawl out of bed! I get shock waves right down my legs and when I drive for more the 30 mins at a time my feet/toes go numb! So I decided it was time I needed answers other than "wear and tear" I'm 30 years old my back shouldn't be in this state!! So I demanded an MRI scan on my back.

Them 30 mins was the most painful experience of my life!! laying flat as can be on my back was just so intense! they had to get a stretcher to slide underneath me to get me up!!

2 weeks later I had my results....

One slipped disc and 3 discs that have crumbled away! (disc disease)

Wow, so now what? I have to have steroid injections into my disc to build them up and then an intense physio course to strengthen my muscles around them as they keep going into spasms!

I just want to be fixed! I cry at least three times a week due to the amount of pain I'm in! mostly in bed when I can't move! I can't pick up my baby in the night and in the morning I have to slowly stretch so I can drag her to the bottom of the cot and try and get her to stand up and crawl into my arms! it makes me feel like I can't mother my child the way I should be! I can't throw my little boy around or have a piggy back rides etc it really gets me down but I have to stay positive that these injections will help!

Anyway, this post has gone a little depressing, but I guess it was about an injury so it was never going to be all rainbows and unicorns!!

Have you ever had these type of injections?? did it help?

Thanks for reading.




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