Day 5 of my Blog challenge.

Welcome to day 5 of my 30 day blogging challenge, Todays subject is "My favourite superhero and why?"

There are lots of super hero's most of us know the popular ones like Captain America, Wonder woman, Spider-Man or my little boys favourite at the minute is Batman........

My all time favourite superhero knocks them all of the top spot! He may be from the 1940's, have grey hair and a few less teeth but he's still as strong, and amazing as ever......

I do love a good super hero and I am a little bit of a marvel nerd but my hero is not in the public eye (well unless you class his video prank going viral with over 25 million views!)

His name??

He has a few to be honest but I call him DAD.

Now  he may not wear a mask or a fancy cape and he certainly can't fly but he's my number one hero!! He is always there for all of us and he's given us the happiest memories growing up, ones I will treasure for the rest of my life. Him and my mum have just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary 50,....50!! just amazing. If my children grow up half as happy as I am then I know iv done a good job at this parent lark! Thanks pops.

My dad, my hero.

Who is your favourite super hero?

Thanks for reading.