Day 6 of the 30 day blog challenge.

Wow this subject could not have come at a better time!

"something I'm proud of in the last few days"

My little girl has taken her first steps!!!

yyyeaaaaayyyy....Now I'm sure within a few weeks I will be ripping my hair out and crying into a bottle of red as she trashes her way through the house and climbing all over the units but hey...for now I'm proud!!

She turned one in September and of course the health visitors are always wanting to know if your child's developing like he/she should be (according to THIER charts!) so when she got to 13 months and she still wasn't walking I thought it would be a slow starter! A few weeks later and she's taking a few steps at a time. It all happens overnight, doesn't it!!? That rush of love and happiness when they take their first steps is overwhelming, I'm watching her take them steps with watery eyes!

Then with the proudness comes with the sadness! She's growing up fast! first, the walking then comes the independence!

Don't get me wrong whatever stage your child is at is amazing but theirs something extra special about the "newborn/baby" stage and my "baby" is now a fully formed "toddler"

So here's to the next step of our journey.

Thanks for reading