Day 7 of my blogging challenge.

Welcome to day 7! Today's subject is my Plans/Dreams and goals.

I think it's safe to say we all have them and I think we need them don't we? There's the usual Dreams of lottery wins/been rich and then the never ending of health and happiness.

My plan.

My plan is to be successful with my own business, Now I have always worked from been 15 years old, and been very independent. Then when I had my first child I gave up work to bring him up the best I could, I didn't want to leave him in a nursery to go to work. ( I get that this works for some people but for me, it wasn't something I wanted to do) The hubby earns enough for me to do this, so this is what I decided to do.

Now since I did this I have what I can only describe as an "itch" or a "need" to bring something financially to the family home. I know I look after the home and the children and it's a massive job it's also bloody hard but because I have always worked and earned good money there's just a part of me that feels a little like I have failed.

I started my own Cake business after having my little boy and it was going really well, Then when I had my second child the time just wasn't there for it so I had to close that down. Now my little lady is getting older and my boy is full-time in school I feel like I need to fulfil the need to bring something to the home.
We'll see where my ideas take me but my plan in the next year is to have my own income coming in, even if its £150 per month! just something that I have made for myself!

My dreams.

My dreams are for my plans to be successful enough that we can have amazing holidays every year, I love, love, LOVE holidays, Quality family time where memories are made every hour of the day! I'm not talking holidays to Europe for the odd week. (even though that at the moment sounds fricking amazing!) I'm talking Australia, different parts of America, St Lucia type holidays. Just so we can see more of the world.
I also would love to have a lovely home and a nice new car. We bought our house last year and we still have things that we would like to do to make it our "home"

My goal.

My goal is simple....I want my plans and dreams to happen!

Thanks for reading.