Day 8 of my blogging challenge.

Welcome to day 8 of my blogging challenge, Today's post is "nicknames and why I have them"

I have a few, but the first one I remember was "LAMBOO" my brother-in-law gave me this as I was always tall for my age and had long skinny legs, LAMBOO in Punjabi means "long" He doesn't call me it now though they seemed to have grown out rather than up!! Cankles are fashionable right??

The next one did a little damage to my feelings and it was given to me at school not sure if its classed as a nickname or just plain bullying but it was the name they gave was "Quasimodo" They said I walked with a hunch and I never thought anything more of it really. Now at the age of 30, it does look like I have a curvature at the top of my spine, so it turns out the bullies gave me a very fitting nickname!!

Another one I have is off the hubby....No, it's not anything normal like babe, sweetheart etc its Aubrey!! yes, Aubrey! I thought maybe at first he thought I looked like Audrey Hepburn and the poor boy just got her name mixed up... but no! Turned out he had watched a film and a character in it called Aubrey was....shall we say lacking in brain cells and she reminded him of me! Ladies and gentlemen my lovely husband, He says the nicest things to me! :)

That's my Nicknames but the name I get called the most and the one i love is "mummy"

Thanks for reading