Day 9 of my blogging challenge (something i crave)

Welcome to day 9, today's subject is "something I crave" Mmmmm Mmmmm I'm currently on a slimming world diet so as you can imagine I crave ALOT OF FOOD!!

But this post isn't going to be about food as I can overcome a little food craving by giving into it and having a cheeky biscuit now and then!

My biggest craving is Walt Disney world!!

yup if you know me/read my blogs then you know I am obsessed with the place, I can't help it and sometimes it gets pretty depressing knowing it's going to be a while till I can get my next Disney fix!!

What can I say...

I crave the heat, the magic, the smells, the memories, the parades, the food, oooh my god the food!! the attractions and the shows, but most of all I crave that goddam mouse!!

I do sometimes think about booking a cheeky little trip to Disneyland Paris just so it eases the craving a little but I have been before and if anything it just made the urge to go to Disneyworld even stronger!

Well, you never know maybe we won't have to scrimp/save and sell our bodies for our next trip, maybe we'll get lucky and win the lottery!!

I'll get there again, but this craving inside me needs to know when!!

Thanks for reading..........Any donations are accepted @getthisfreaktodisney ;)