He is MY child.

I apologise now as this post is a rant, but I am so mad and generally when I sit and type about it I feel better so that's what I'm going to do!

Over the weekend a letter came through the door from our local "council" I opened it and was shocked to see it was about my son, Joseph and his attendance at school.

Apparently, his school are growing concerned with his 89.8% attendance and they are sure I will work with them to correct this!!

Err NO!!!

My son goes to school when he is well, I as a mother will decide when MY son is ill enough to miss school, he doesn't cope well with temperatures and they often rise to 40/41 when he does fall ill with chest and ear infections, and I certainly will not send him to school when he is suffering like that.

let's face it this isn't about my son and them giving a shit about his education, it's about their fucking OFSTED report!!

 The letter reminds me that it is not reasonable for my child to be off with things like colds, SLIGHT headaches and coughs and bellyaches.


 After been in the hospital and the doc telling me to give him 7-10 days rest, he seemed a lot better and I sent him back after 3 days.

 The other instances of his absence were in September and October when he was suffering from a bad ear infection and a chest infection BOTH times he had one day off to visit the doctor, then was back in school the next day WITH his antibiotics!!

They then go on to tell me if his attendance doesn't get better then they could end up in us facing a fine or a PROSECUTION!!

 How dare they threaten me about the way I take care of my child!! That is exactly what this is about, and if they think my attitude will be any different from sending this piece of shit letter through my door, then they are sadly mistaken!!

My son is my number one priority and his health is everything. If he's fine, he goes to school every day, cough, colds, headaches he is there!

bad infections, temperatures of 40+ then he is off and in bed!! Simple!!

 I know parents that have kept their children off because of the rain, or they have taken their child out on holiday and jack shit has been said, yet an ill child has 7 days off within 5 months and I'm threatened with this bullshit!!

 Fu##k off!!!!

 phew that feels a little better!!



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  1. Wow my daughter has only just started nursery school so we haven't got going on this sort of territory but I would be pretty pissed off needless to say on receiving one of these. Bloody bureaucracy! A well deserved rant. Thanks for linking up
    To #coolmumclub x

  2. I'm still so angry about it! not quite sure who they think they are!


  3. Not surprised you are fuming !!! xx

  4. I have been lucky and my kids have only missed a combined 3 days of school in the last 2 years, but I would be giving the principal a call if I were you. #CoolMumClub

  5. Super post and how cheeky this attendance thing is totally out of control Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  6. OMFG I'm fuming for you! You're right, it's all about ofsted reports and meeting arbitrary targets and has nothing to do with the children. No way would I be sending my kids to school with an ear infection or temperature, are they mad?

  7. Schools are becoming more and more regimented than ever. Turning children into little robots that don't question anything or think for themselves. If my children were ill, I wouldn't send them into school. Screw them and their ousted report! Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  8. Thanks ladies I did think I could be over reacting as I'm still so mad, but clearly I have a right to be!! He came home today with some homework I was helping him with, he said they wasn't allowed to use their fingers to count on!! what is going on!? Take me back to the 90s please!

  9. Oh this would make me furious. If children are ill then they shouldn't be in school. Letters like this mean it's more likely that parents would send a child in to school before they've properly recovered from an illness - and as a mother of a child with a complex medical condition, that makes me very cross because it puts my child at increased risk. I get that missing too much school isn't a good thing but children can't help being ill!

  10. Ugh I would find this frustrating, I know that teachers and schools are under such pressure but its hard as you as a mother don't want to be sending a really poorly child in to tick a box. My son has had a lot of sick bugs recently and whilst it hasn't got to the need of getting a letter, I think the kids get more ill because parents feel forced to send kids in when they should be home in bed! #fortheloveofBLOG xx

  11. yes!! My sons class last week had 18 children off with the pox! Part of my wonders if its because people are sending their chid to school just because they don't want an absence!! its crazy their OUR children and if they are Ill then their ill! I said if he got it I would cover him in piriton and send him back to school with this letter stuck to his back!!


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