I want to see more Daddy bloggers!!

If you're a blogger then you will know that the blogging world is jam packed with "mummy" bloggers. We are EVERYWHERE!

I have only been writing my blog since August, I never knew how to use twitter until a few months ago.....hell iv only just got my head around linkies this week!! but In the few months that I have been blogging It's clear that the whole "mummy" blogging world is huge!!

 My hubby has been blogging for a few months longer than I have and I love to read his blogs. Why aren't they more daddies blogging? why is the parent blog world mostly dominated by us mummies? We all do the same thing....well maybe not exactly the same, I don't see my hubby balancing his daughter on his hip whilst cooking three different meals but child duties we are just about equal!

So why don't more daddies blog? Is it because as children men are taught to not show their emotions? is it not cool for their friends to find out that they are writing about been a parent and how fu****g hard it can be? would this be showing a weakness? is it a macho/ego thing?

I love to read the hubby's blog because sometimes I find out how he really feels about certain things. Yes, he can sit and talk to me, but sometimes writing it down is a hell of a lot easier and sometimes we write stuff we wouldn't even think about saying out loud, I guess that's the beauty of blogging! Come on daddies lets spread the word and get other daddies involved!!

I want you to spill your heart out and blog it!

I want to know your feelings on our P.M.T how does it effect you? my hubby just calls me a moody cow but this doesn't tell me how he's really feeling about it! (That would be a post id LOVE to read!)

Birthing stories are great from a woman's point of view because we can all relate, but what happens through a man's eyes? first hold, first nappy change, first smile?

Come on guys I need to see more daddy bloggers because the ones out there at the minute are fricking rocking it!!

If your wanting to read more daddy bloggers the ones I mainly read are @onehullofadad aka the hubster.  @droolingdaddy @diydaddyblog  @daddypoppinsblg and @Mr_kitney

Come on guys share the love!

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I firmly believe that we need more Dad blogs fab post
    A few days ago I wrote a post about dads being in the minority http://www.diydaddyblog.com/dad-bloggers-will-always-be-the-minority/
    Love you to take a read

    1. Great post, make sure you get to that blogging conference! :)

  2. I'm all about the daddy blogs. I'd love you to read mine www.daddypoppins.com

  3. I agree! Blogging is a great way for men to speak from their hearts rather than from their heads. If you ever get tired of reading blogs you can watch mine. : ) Only 9 animated videos so far but more are coming. You can follow me on twitter @godiyogo or www.godiyo.com. Many of my videos are about helping parents learn to take care of themselves so they can be in a better mental and emotional place to care for their kids. Here's an example video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGnsfhj52jE

  4. I'm a daddy blogger. Been doing it for almost two years... lots of pics and stories... hope you like... www.DaddyisBest.com. I'm on Twitter as @DaddyisBest. Just followed you there... I love daddy bloggers, too... Nige just posted on Daddy bloggers and I agree with him, we are not conditioned to share our thoughts, feelings, etc. like women are, but that doesn't mean we don't have them... Thanks, Jeff Jackson

  5. I follow your husbands blog and I'll be following yours too! I'm over at www.thoughts-of-a-first-time-dad.blogspot.co.uk
    Looking forward to reading more OneHullOfAMum!! ��

  6. Thanks guys I'll pop over and say hi :) can't wait to give them a read! I always fine myself smiling more when I read daddy blogs some of them really have the comical touch!

  7. Thank you so much! I agree with you about needing more Dad bloggers and here in Canada there is very few of us. I am activly trying to change that myself.
    Us Dads play a huge roll in our kids lives and I for one love sharing my experiences with that.
    Thank you for following me and I must say I love your blog as well.

  8. What you've not been reading my blog!!
    I've covered breastfeeding, stereotyping, Buddy's Birth Story and why I'm glad I didn't move to the states as a teen now that Trump is about to become POTUS.

    You certainly read some great blogs.

  9. True, I don't know why we see less male bloggers. It is great that you can get more insight into your hubby this way too #wineandboobs

  10. Nice post. We definitely need more dad bloggers to spill the beans. David.

  11. I started daddystinks.Co.UK yesterday love reading mummy blogs but relate to dads more.

    This blogging world is exciting and scary :)

  12. I think we always need more dad bloggers, guys what to read relatable posts. #mondaystumble


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