My new years resolutions!

Its that time of the year where the clock strikes twelve and we automatically think about the year ahead and what it will bring for us.....Will it be better than the year before? Then come the resolutions to try and MAKE it better than the year before! I know a lot of people think its all bullshit but if I make ten new resolutions and I stick with even one, then I have made 2017 a little different than the year before.

The main change I want is to make myself more of a priority. I know, I know mummy and priority are not two words ever used in the same sentence but hey I can give it a good shot! Everything I do I put the family before myself, feeding time at the zoo I make everyone's meals and then I sit and have mine.Breakfast, dinner and tea there all the same, I spend ages picking their outfits out and making them look all cute and nicely dressed, I then go grab a pair of black stretch leggings and throw the nearest baggy jumper on resembling something out of The walking dead!
As soon as their hair gets long or untidy its cut and styled...I haven't had a haircut in 11 months!!
I know its all part of mummy hood but I just want to make a little bit more time for myself, have a nice trip to the hairdressers now and then or maybe one day a miracle will happen and well all eat the same meal at the table together and mine will be hot!!

I want to do in 2017 is to make family films and take more photographs. Growing up my brother used to always film special outings and holidays, even summers in the garden he would film! we have a huge collection to sit and watch back now and I can show my little family what mammy used to be like when she was small. We have always had a camera and when we have outings to the seaside etc we film but then the footage gets stuck on the laptop and never gets seen again. So at the end of this year, I am determined to have lots of little videos and photographs to look back on.

I want us to have more quality family time, spending weekends away. The hubby works in retail and of course, this means working most weekends! Now Joseph is at school weekends are the only time we get to spend together as a family, Now since Joseph turned 5 him and his daddy are like school yard children! Their constantly at each other's throats, arguing, bickering and constantly winding each other up! it drives me crazy! When we go on our little holiday's everyone seems more relaxed so my plan for this year is to have more weekends away when the hubby is off and we can really spend time together doing nice things and making memories.

I'm going to try and not be so god dam hard on myself! motherhood is hard!! really fucking hard! It doesn't help that I'm quite an anxious person but I'm constantly going to bed worrying about how I could have done "today" different, I feel shitty about the amount of times I shout at Joseph even though he's acted like an arsehole for the full day, I worry when I cant read with him because his sisters screaming in pain with her teeth. I worry that I'm not giving my children a Nutritional diet when iv had a shitty day and just thrown nuggets and smiley faces in the oven! I worry when I see other 5-year-olds riding bikes and Joseph can't yet.....Is it really because he hates his bike or is it because I haven't given the right amount of time in showing him?? I worry with Alice always been poorly with her chest, is it because I cant keep ontop of the house work so there is the odd bit of dust building up!? When I sit and think I can drive myself mad.....I try my best and that should be enough its all I can do and as long as I'm doing my best then surely that's the right way?

Well, there's just a few of my resolutions. I'm not going to change them overnight but I'm going to try and put them into place this year as much as I can.

Hope you all have a happy and healthy 2017 make it the best it can be for you and your families.

Thanks for reading




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