My nerve root block procedure.

I am in pain every day!

I have always suffered from back pain, but since been pregnant in 2011 it got progressively worse. So I went for an MRI.

The result was that I have disc disease which causes the discs in my back to erode and wear away. I have very little disc left in my l4, 5 and 6, and I also have a herniated disc which is crushing a nerve, causing me to have pain 24/7 shooting down my legs and into my foot! So my doc referred me to have a few injections into my spine to see if they could ease the pain for me! The injections I was due to have was nerve root blocks and nerve branch blocks/steroid injections 3 in each side of my spine.

So this week the big day came and I was so fucking nervous!! like.. really nervous! We got to the hospital at 12.15, my appointment was 1 pm, we were the first ones there and I was checked in and given my wristband, I thought this would mean I was going to be first in with me been all ready to go! Next person came at 12.45 then before we knew it, it was 1 pm and there were 9 of us sat waiting.

2.10pm came and all 9 of us was still sat waiting but we had all now been checked in.

2.20pm and the doctor came for the first person, it wasn't me! My palms were sweaty and I was jabbering on, talking absolute shit because I just couldn't calm myself down.

2.40pm next person....wasn't me.

3pm....wasn't me! 3.20pm, yep you got it right....not me!

3.40pm, 3.55pm Still sat waiting.

The doctor came at 4 pm and told me that I was last on the list! Of course first in last out as they say!!

4.20 and I was told to "gown up" I was shaking with fear, would it hurt? would I be ok? I warn you now if anyone is due this procedure DO NOT google it!!

I went down to the theatre and they popped a cannula in my hand and started to proceed with the sedative, although I would still be conscious I needed to be sedated as I can't lay flat on my tummy without been in excruciating pain, so they wouldn't be able to do the procedure. Within 60 seconds I was flying and everything in the room was spinning! I still could feel some parts of the injection which weren't nearly as bad as I had heard, it stung a little and a lot of pressure but that was as bad as it got! My heart rate started to go a little crazy so I needed the oxygen mask and another two lots of sedative.  10 mins later it was all done and I was in recovery.

The toes on my right leg started to go numb and it was slowly creeping up my leg, I told the nurse who asked "are you sure?" yes, yes, of course, I'm sure!! The feeling was getting worse so they wheeled me back to the discharge point in the bed! The day surgery centre was closing and I should have been discharged by now but I could move my leg never mind stand up on it! another hour passed and the staff started to go home and the cleaners were cleaning around me!! The nurses came back to see if I could now bear weight on my leg....I could a little bit but it collapsed and I fell back down into the chair! Another hour passed and I was able to stand but still couldn't walk, they had rang the surgeon who couldn't be located and in the nurse's words "must have rushed off home"
lovely! The nurses needed to go home so they carried me to the car and away I went!! Thanks ladies!

The hubby carried me in and like a good egg gave me all my meds and put me to bed! I had an ok night, bit uncomfortable but it was ok, its two days later and I'm in a lot of discomfort but ill get there and hopefully in the next few days I will be able to feel some change in the level of pain I'm in.

Thanks for reading.