Sorry, did my son shit in your purse?

**warning today has been the hardest day in parenting yet, so if you're easily offended from swearing please don't read any further**

Parenting is not easy! In fact its one of the hardest fucking things I have ever experienced!

Today my 5-year-old had a huge tantrum in a supermarket, and of course, it was over something really trivial! His zip on his jacket was annoying him! Yes, you read that right, but if you too are a parent then that reason won't shock you, you will probably be nodding your head thinking "I hear ya girl, my little one can be an arsehole over nothing too!"

Now today was no ordinary tantrum! He decided to up the notch and went totally batshit crazy!! He threw himself on the floor, trying to pull me down with him, digging his nails into my arm clawing away, and then proceeded to get right up close in my face and growl at me! Yes, fucking GROWL! I am pretty certain after today that he is actually feral!!

Now the tantrums don't bother me as I get used to it, what really makes my piss boil is the looks and comments I hear from passers by!! One old lady and her husband stopped, looked at him in disgust, shook her head and said to her perfect husband "There wasn't anything like this in our day was there Henry" No love there probably wasn't, because I'm pretty sure in 1890 children was sold for work and marriage was they not!!?? Yes, I know slight exaggeration but I was, and still am pissed!

Then inside the shop he started crying because I wouldn't let him have a sausage roll after his little episode outside, "I'm starving mummy, I'm starving, you are so mean and I don't like you anymore, I only like daddy" meanwhile Alice Is in her pram tipping milk out of her bottle and whining to come out of her cosy toes, Joseph who is now over said sausage roll is trying to get my attention on some toy he believes he will get if he asks for it 1000 times!! Tears in my eyes start to build up as it all gets a bit too much!

Then, I kid you not, a lady looked around at him and looked him up and down like she was trying to burn him with her lazer eyes then looked over to me and gave out the biggest tut you have ever heard!

Sorry did my son just take a shit in your purse? or is that look always plastered on your snooty, snobby face!!?

Where is the compassion and understanding? This woman could clearly see my children acting up and that I was getting a little stressed with the whole situation. Surely it would have been easier to just ignore the whole mess and walk away? instead, she knew I was emotional so decided to tut at me and carry on looking at my boy like he was some sort of caged animal that had escaped. He is my child, my concern, and my worry, not yours, so just move along you old hag!! Maybe next time I will get him to shit in your purse, give you a real reason to look at him like shit!!

Phew I feel a lot better writing that! My blog is my therapy!




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