10 for 10 Blogger award: Alittle bit naughty, all interesting.

I have been nominated for the 10 out of 10 blogger award by Askyerfather you can read his 10 for 10 post here.

They call it 10 out of 10 because you ask 10 people to name 10 celebrities/famous people that they would like to get Jiggy with or invite to dinner.

The rules

There always has to be some rules.
1 – Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their post.
2 – Copy and paste the rules into your post.
3 – List 5 famous people who are in your exemption list and explain why (an exemption list is a list of famous people you could do naughty things with and be exempt from punishment by your significant other). For anyone who is currently not in possession of a significant other, please just list 5 famous people you would love to
4 – List 5 people you would invite to a dinner party and explain why. These must consist of 2 famous people who are alive, 2 famous people who are deceased and one famous fictional character.
5 – Nominate 10  bloggers  to play along.

My exemption list

1- Wentworth Miller. There is literally no explanation needed for this fine specimen of a man!! He is unbelievably sexy and if he was mine for the night id lock him up so he wouldn't be able to go anywhere!!

2- Gerard Butler. He's Scottish and has that rough edge look about him, oh and those eyes, plus his body isn't too shabby either!

3- Alex O'loughlin. Pretty sure (apart from my husband) this man is the most beautiful human being on the planet!! He can surf and lives in one of the most breath taking countries in the world!

4- Channing Tatum- He can dance, and of course magic mike!!??

5- Gino D'acampo- Italian stallion, rough but smooth and can cook!! Nothing better then waking up to a glass of wine and a 12" (pizza of course!!)

My Dinner party list

1- Michael Jackson- From been a little girl this man has been a legend! His music makes me feel that I can fly! I cam so close to seeing him live in concert!!

2- Robin Williams- He seemed so lovely and down to earth in his interviews I'm sure I could sit and chat to him for hours!

3- David Jason- Because he's David Jason!

4- Lee Evans- Ok so I would have to wear a double tenna lady but it would be all worth it!!

5- Mickey mouse- Mickey mouse?? need I say more!!?

Who I'm going to nominate.


Enjoy guys,

Thanks for reading.




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