Are our children been made to grow up too quick?

My son is 5, soon to be 6 years old, yesterday we received a letter about introducing "sex education" into his lessons in school.

Now I totally understand people's different views on this but my own views and opinions on this are that he is too young....far too young. There I said it... Why does my little boy who doesn't even know how to spell the word penis need to know all about how it works!?

He uses it to pee. Surely that's all he needs to know right now??

I read through the letter and it went on to say the different modules he will be studying, then I nearly choked on my crumpet when I read number 6.

"female genitals, whats their purpose and how babies are made"

What the fuck!!??

Is this the reason why children are having children now?? Surely they don't need to know this until they are at least 12!?? Why isn't this module saved for secondary school? why does my little innocent boy need to know how to make babies!? The simple answer is that he doesn't need to know this!

I'm all for learning the biology of body parts and what they do, but at such a young age? nope. He thinks babies come from the sky like in "boss baby" and yes I'm pretty happy for him believing this until he turns 16!! (ok maybe not 16 but you get the jist) why does he need to know any different?

Now don't get me wrong I'm not wrapping him up in cotton wool and believe me I'm in no way ignorant to the things "children" get up too, but that's the thing our children seem to have to "grow up" far too quick, They are taking exams at 6 years old and given an iPad in class, They are given homework from the age of 5 and made to stand on a scale to see what weight category they fall in too! Don't get me started on the weight issue, my son was branded "obese" you can read that here

It is all BULLSHIT! let our children be children, let them play and have fun. Yes I know how important education is but lets not loose sight of what is important to our children and that is their happiness and innocence. My boy does a little homework when he comes home from school (some nights) but he also has his karate and his reading that he has to do every night, if I did homework with him every night too then when do we have family time? we wouldn't, and that's where we are loosing our way, Family time teaches our children so much more then something taught sitting from a desk.

Children are only as innocent as what's in their mind.

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  1. I have to agree that he's far too young too, I'm dreading my girls' having to sit through these lessons at a young age. Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

  2. Oh gosh. That is far too young.
    My 9 year old who is in year 5 has just had her first sex education lesson at school and it was more about puberty and male and female body parts. 6 year old's do not need to know these things x

  3. Whaaaaat!? You can't teach little children that sort of thing!! How are they supposed to wrap their tiny little minds around something as huge as sex education? I'm completely with you! My daughter will learn when she's 35 haha! #blogstravaganza

  4. I completely agree with the homework thing, they are at school more than they are at home I think home time should be for family time not more work. I don't remember ever bringing homework back in primary school but Annabelle seems to bring loads! She also did sex education and I was a little freaked out but it turned out to be more about the differences between a boy and a girl rather than anything sexual and was very age appropriate


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